A Huge Number of Americans Don't Realize that All Food Contains Genes

A new survey shows that we have a pretty long way to go when it comes to truly understanding what's in our food.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Documentary Wants to Teach People About GMOs, But Experts Call It Propaganda

“We’re pro-science and we’re anti-fringe,” says ‘Food Evolution’ director Scott Hamilton Kennedy—but his critics are calling him a corporate shill.
Alex Swerdloff

This Scientific Breakthrough Could Completely Change the Way the World Grows Food

The solution? Just get plant life to more efficiently photosynthesize.
Alex Swerdloff
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This Is the GMO Peanut That Could Rid the World of Nut Allergies

By decoding the DNA of peanuts, a group of scientists from the University of Western Australia say they can make an allergy-free peanut.
Alex Swerdloff

Report Says GMOs Are Safe But Won't Solve World Hunger

A committee set up by the National Academy of Science poured over more than 900 research publications investigating the effects of genetic meddling in corn, soybean, and cotton. Their results were counterintuitive, to say the least.
Nick Rose

Why This Mexican Craft Brewer Refuses to Use GMO Grains

As a regular beer drinker who doesn't mind downing a few cold Negra Modelos in between IPAs and stouts every once in a while, I was curious to find out why this rebel is literally going against the grain.
Javier Cabral
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A Controversial GMO Study Is Going Bananas

Iowa State University is offering a whopping $900 to people to eat genetically modified bananas that could provide nutritional benefit to people in Africa—but not everyone's happy about it.
Munchies Staff

Is Cage-Free Turkey Actually More Humane?

The vast majority of industrially farmed turkeys do not live in cages, but that doesn't mean they have it easy.
Nick Rose

Mexico's Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn

In August, a Mexican federal district judge repealed a two-year-old ban on genetically modified maize, leading many of the country's chefs to worry about GM corn replacing indigenous varieties.
Lisa Abend

Russia Has Officially Banned GMOs in Food Production

While the idea of “Frankenstein food” with altered genetic code may seem disturbing on the surface, there is still no solid evidence of GMOs being detrimental to human health.
Nick Rose
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Brands Are Putting 'GMO-Free' Labels on Products That Don't Even Have Genes

While there may be healthy skepticism surrounding the safety of genetically modified foods, producers are being forced to use "GMO-free" labels when they don't even need them.
Nick Rose

Scientists Say Pesticides Are Causing the Beepocalypse

A new countrywide field study has uncovered the first evidence of a link between certain pesticide use and honeybee decline in England and Wales, contrary to UK government claims that mites and weather conditions are to blame.
Phoebe Hurst