Cabrito al Pastor Is the Product of Northern Mexico's 16th-Century Jewish Roots

A specialty of Coahuila, cabrito al pastor features tender goat meat with extra crispy skin.
Duncan Tucker
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Get Your Goat and Serve It With These Spicy Korean Dumplings

The rice cakes and spicy gochujang in this dish from Houston's Underbelly are traditionally Korean, but the tender braised goat is straight outta Texas.
Munchies Staff

Mexico Mourns the Passing of El Chololo, The Godfather of Birria

The Mexican state of Jalisco lost one of its most beloved culinary figures this month when Javier Torres Ruiz, who dedicated his life to making <i>birria</i>, passed away at the age of 74.
Duncan Tucker

Korean Braised Goat and Dumplings

Chef Chris Shepherd epitomizes Houston's diverse food influences by combining traditional Korean flavors and rice cakes with succulent goat meat.
Chris Shepherd

Jamaica's Famous Aphrodisiac Soup Got Me High, But Didn't Get Me Off

Mannish water, the classic Jamaican dish made from the balls and meat of a male goat, claims to leave a man with loins burning so hard, he’ll need to call an ambulance. I recently tried some that got me pretty hyped-up.
Tom Jones

Ethiopians Are Risking Salmonella to Eat Raw Meat Delicacies

As the wealth of Addis Ababa grows, so too does the appetite for raw meat, especially on Easter Sunday. Many Ethiopians mark the end of the fasting season with kitfo, a dish consisting of raw minced ox meat.
Jay Court

Keeping Kosher in Ghana Means Bringing Your Own Killing Knife

One day, as three friends and I were staying in Ghana, we thought some fresh goat meat might hit the spot. Luckily, a member of our party grew up on a back-to-the-land hippie farm that followed kosher practices, and had brought his special slaughtering...
Aaron Kase

How to Make the Best, Prettiest Cheese Plate in the Whole World

There are instructions in countless books out there that echo forth authoritative, decisive guidelines as to the how's and why's of the <i>plate du fromage</i>. Well, I am here—little humble me—to let you know that it’s all utter bullshit.
Charlotte Kamin

Young Chefs Have Rapidly Improved the Parisian Dining Scene

As a foreigner to Paris, I've noticed a positive shift in the dining scene since I moved here five years ago and opened my restaurant, Bones. That's not to say the older crowd are entirely down with the casual fine dining thing, though.
James Henry

Goat Kebab

A spicy goat kebab, rich from lardo, but balanced with a crispy slaw and chewy flatbread.
Lee Tiernan

Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia: Part Three

On our coffee-sourcing journey through the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, we visited a series of coffee washing stations to collect samples for cupping and roasting. But on our way there, we had a brush with death that changed the course of our...
Ashton Goggans

Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia, Part Two: The Goat Sacrifice 

The person to first discover coffee in Ethiopia wasn't a person at all—it was a goat. When I went on a coffee sourcing mission for Sightglass Coffee, it turns out goats also play another role in ensuring a good harvest.
Ashton Goggans