Gordon Ramsay


New Orleans Restaurant Sues Gordon Ramsay Show for Exaggerating Its Grossness

Oceana Grill claims a seven-year-old 'Kitchen Nightmares' segment posted on Facebook fabricated many of the messes.
Jelisa Castrodale
Thai Food

Please Enjoy This Video of Gordon Ramsay Getting Roasted for His Trash Pad Thai

The famously angry chef gets his comeuppance.
Mayukh Sen
food safety

Marco Pierre White Restaurant Says 'Decorative Plants' Led to Poor Hygiene Rating

The operators claim that the plants "attracted an abundance of fruit flies."
Nick Rose

How One Man Changed Gastronomy with Pig’s Feet

We spent the day with Pierre Koffmann, the most influential chef you've never heard of.
Nick Rose

How the Big Mac Changed the Way We Think About Food

We spoke to chefs, data journalists, YouTube stars, and McDonald’s about the burger that became edible Americana.
Nick Rose
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Gordon Ramsay Suffers Backlash for Tweet About Traditional Indian Breakfast

"I was expecting it. Anyone who has spent enough time on the internet knows what they're in for when they send him a food picture."
Alex Swerdloff
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Gordon Ramsay Is Telling Random People on Twitter that Their Cooking Sucks

Ramsay is now engaging with his fans in a unique way: He has taken to critiquing—pretty viciously, at that—his followers’ attempts at cooking on his Twitter feed.
Alex Swerdloff

This Chef Now Makes as Much Money as Beyoncé

The Hell’s Kitchen chef clocked in level with Queen B at number 34 on the latest Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which was released on Monday.
Daisy Meager

This Guy Figured Out How to Make Butter Taste More Buttery

In a small cabin in the middle of a field in Oxfordshire, ex-chef Grant Harrington has dedicated his life to making the best butter he possibly can.
Johanna Derry

This Week in Food Porn: Polenta and Puffball Mushrooms

Here is the very best of this week’s Instagram food porn, delivered straight to your palm like a steaming box off the steaming back of a Deliveroo driver.
Nell Frizzell

James Lowe and James Henry Have Created an Edible Bromance

Lyle’s James Lowe and James Henry of Bones shatter the egocentric chef stereotype with monkfish, 14-month cured ham, and good old-fashioned co-operation.
Phoebe Hurst

You’ve Got No Excuse for Not Eating Well on a Budget, Cheapskate

Going out to eat in nice places can be an absolute shitter when it comes to the money factor. But that doesn't mean you can't eat well. Thankfully, I've got some suggestions on dining—even in fancy restaurants—when you're strapped for cash.
Dan Biddulph