Mini Lamb Gyros Recipe

Your favorite souvlaki, down-sized.
Amanda Catrini

How-To: Make Cretan Spinach Pie with Andy Milonakis

Watch Andy Milonakis get back to his Greek roots as he uses poor knife skills, fresh herbs, and some good-ass feta to shows us how he eats like a fat prince with this Cretan spinach pie.
Andy Milonakis

We Asked Nigella Lawson for Her Christmas Dinner Game Plan

“Write a list of everything you plan to cook on Christmas Day,” advises Nigella Lawson, TV chef and unrivalled domestic goddess. “Then go away, drink a cup of tea, and strike out about half the dishes you’d planned.”
Phoebe Hurst
Make this

This Homemade Lamb Souvlaki Wrap Is Even Better Than the Street Version

Some things are meant to be eaten sloppily off a piece of parchment paper. Case in point: grilled lamb patties stuffed into a pita and doused with creamy, herbaceous yogurt sauce.
Becky Hughes
refugee crisis

These Activists Set Up Roadside Kitchens for Europe’s Refugees

Food activism group No Border Kitchen serves thousands of meals to refugees every day, setting up in the street or squats. I join them in Lesbos, half a mile from the island’s ferry terminal.
Mark Wilding

The Greek Financial Crisis Could Mess With Your Beloved Feta and Olive Oil

Thinking of having a Greek salad for lunch tomorrow? Well, you should. Because it might be your last chance to get decent feta for a while and, well, Greece needs your money.
Hilary Pollack
Ice Cream

Artisanal Gelato and Climate Change Are Killing New York's Ice Cream Truck Mafia

Ice cream dons often have had the business in their family for decades, and everyone knows everyone else. There are two things you need to join the club—a mobile food permit and a list of good spots where you can sell—and both are almost impossible to...
Tove Danovich

My Big Fat Greek New Year Involves Shoving Coins into Cakes

I am proudly one-quarter Greek, and in the annual perineum between Christmas and New Year's, the only thing to do is make a vasilopita. Oh, you don’t know what that is? Why, it’s a Greek thing, of course.
Helen Nianias


You don't need to be 100-percent Greek—or even Greek at all—to make this coin-stuffed New Year's cake.
Helen Nianias

Cretan Spinach Pie

Go Greek with fresh herbs, spinach, and feta, wrapped in dough and pan-fried.
Andy Milonakis
Greek Food

Soul Food: Greek Orthodox Easter

In our brand-new series on food and religion, Dawn O’Porter crashes a Greek Orthodox Easter festival, braids her own <em>tsoureki</em>, and falls in love with the delectable flavors of sacrificial lamb.
Dawn O'Porter
meat locker

We Can Be Gyros Just for a Day

On last month&#039;s equinox I was traveling with a friend of mine through the Aegean Sea. Over the 16-hour boat ride we passed hundreds of small islands on our way to a magical cluster of the Greek Isles called the Kiklades. They are all arid and...
Julia Kennedy