Food delivery

Apparently the Secret to Better Take-Out Service Is... Shelves?

Yeah, like, the things you put stuff on.
Jelisa Castrodale
Food delivery

How to Cope When You've Been Catfished by Your Favorite Delivery Spot

So, that place you order from three times a week turned out to be a shithole. You are not alone.
Chason Gordon
Fast Food

Great News: You Can Finally Order Taco Bell from Bed

A new deal with Grubhub will ensure that even in our laziest moments, our cravings for Cheesy Gordita Crunches are fulfilled.
Munchies Staff
Food delivery

The Agony and Ecstasy of Food Delivery Apps

For some, apps like Seamless and UberEATS are just an easy way to grab dinner. For others, they're a source of anxiety and shame.
Allie Volpe
Food delivery

Why Food Delivery Apps Are Causing Chaos at Schools

Students will now have to return to the misery of food prepared by their parents and cafeteria workers, or resort to the plebeian barter system.
Nick Rose

GrubHub’s CEO Says Employees Who Embrace Trump’s Hate Should Resign

In the email, Maloney said that had Trump been an employee at GrubHub, he would have been fired for his behavior.
Wyatt Marshall
food delivery service

Restaurants Are Feeling Ripped Off by Food Delivery Services

Like so many of the technologies that promise to make our lives easier, devilery apps seem to be creating new kinds of headache for users.
Nick Rose
New York

You Don’t Really Know Who’s Making the Food You Order Online

An investigation has revealed that dozens of restaurants appearing on popular delivery services like GrubHub and Seamless don’t even exist. So where is your food really coming from when you order online? You might not want to know. Enjoy those egg...
Alex Swerdloff
The Law

Three of the Biggest Food Delivery Services Are Being Sued by Their Own Drivers

GrubHub, DoorDash, and Caviar—three major mobile and online food-ordering companies—have just been named as defendants in a series of lawsuits filed in San Francisco courts.
Alex Swerdloff

Ordering Pizza Online Is When You Let Your Freak Flag Fly

When we order pizza online, we tend to get more toppings, spend more money, and consume more calories. Ah, anonymity is fattening.
Hilary Pollack

Lazy Americans Are Blowing Tons of Their Money on Food Delivery

An industrial vat of glow-in-the-dark sex jelly, a dime bag of what are supposedly John Goodman’s toenail clippings, and a half-eaten dinner roll found in Betty White’s cryo-chamber. The year is 2015, and pretty much everything is readily available for...
Alex Swerdloff