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Broccoli Slaw with Roasted Cashews and Cranberries Recipe

Your life may just forever be changed once you add broccoli to your coleslaw.
Guy Fieri

Who Is Guy Fieri?

Meeting the man who lives below the frosted tips, and discovering why a little bit of him lives in all of us.
Helen Hollyman

Guy Fieri Had a Glorious Weekend Partying at Coachella

Everybody’s favorite in-your-face Food Network superstar, Guy Fieri, was spotted this weekend at Coachella.
Alex Swerdloff
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Eating Cake at the Versace Mansion and Tiki Drinks with Guy Fieri at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

We sipped tiki drinks with Guy Fieri, feasted on cake at Versacci's mansion, and soaked in Trisha Yearwood's Southern brunch under the Miami sun at the 15th annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Munchies Staff
Best of 2014

Best Of 2014: Our Favorite High-Caffeine Stories

From cupping Guy Fieri's beans to having a coffee talk with the esteemed David Lynch, here are a few of our favorite high-octane coffee stories of 2014.
Munchies Staff

I Cupped Guy Fieri's Beans

In a quest to learn the true meaning behind 'Flavortown', I gathered a group of professional Oregon coffee cuppers to assess Guy Fieri's new coffee line, Flavortown Roasts, to slurp and sip on the food personality's brews.
Alex Mierjeski

In Defense of Guy Fieri

Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar: GABK. Sounds great when you say that acronym out loud. And gotta say, a bunch of friends and I had fuckin’ blast this week when we descended on the much-maligned Times Square eatery for a little Guy-style grub.
Alex Forbes