kitchen culture

How These 5 Restaurateurs Are Establishing a Kitchen Culture That's Safe for Everyone

“Stop mumbling that you can't afford an HR dept. You can afford YOU. That's how you start."
Ivy Knight

How Internet Trolls Took Down a Meme-Themed Restaurant

Catriona Crehan and her teenage brother closed the Kickstarter campaign after just 72 hours.
Mayukh Sen
sexual harassment

Monster Energy Is Being Sued by Five Women for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The company claims that the women are “disgruntled employees.”
Mayukh Sen
Mario Batali

The Writer Who Blogged About Baking Mario Batali's Cinnamon Roll Recipe Got Hacked

“A woman with something to say and an online platform on which to say it is going to deal with vitriol and harassment," she says about the backlash.
Mayukh Sen

We Spoke to the Winner of the 'Great American Baking Show' that Never Aired

America never got to see Vallery Lomas win. The show was taken off the air due to sexual misconduct allegations against judge Johnny Iuzzini.
Mayukh Sen

How to Start a Queer Kitchen Revolution

The burden of finding an enlightened workplace shouldn't fall solely on the worker.
John Birdsall

What Will It Take to Make Restaurants Safe for Women Working Front-of-House?

Service jobs are the first work environments that many young women experience—and where they're first taught to endure harassment.
Ashley Goldsmith

Man Files Lawsuit Because Papa John's Won't Stop Texting Him

Looks like Papa John’s Pizza has been using a topping that nobody asked for: text spam.
Gigen Mammoser

Chipotle Is Dealing with Yet Another Lawsuit—This Time, Over Alleged Racism

From class action food poisoning lawsuits, to animal welfare issues, to big drops in sales and stock price, there seems to be no end in sight to fast casual company’s legal and market woes. Continuing in this vein, Chipotle is now having to contend...
Nick Rose