healthy eating


A New Report Says Fruit and Vegetables Are Actually Cheaper Than Junk Food

Findings from the Institute of Economic Affairs challenge the widely held belief that healthy diets are expensive.
Daisy Meager

These Minneapolis Teens Made a Rap Song About Healthy Eating and It's a Total Banger

We’d share some lyrics, but honestly, they might give you the idea that the song sucks —i.e., “Screaming 'Hot Cheetos and Takis,' but you better eat your broccoli”—which is not the case.
Charley Lanyon

Half of Americans Don’t Really Give a Rat’s Ass What They Eat, Survey Says

In our country, so deeply divided in other ways, it’s interesting to know a quarter of Americans throw caution to the wind and eat whatever they damn well please regardless of their political views
Wyatt Marshall

A New Study Says We Should Bribe Children to Eat Their Vegetables

Despite being frowned upon by many parents, research has found that a good old-fashioned bribe might actually be the most effective way of getting children to eat their greens.
Phoebe Hurst

Americans Now Consider Literally Anything a "Snack"

Seventy percent of Americans are down with the idea that four slices of pizza are a snack. Club sandwich with fries? It's a snack. Whole bag of Oreos? Snack.
Hilary Pollack

Canada’s Food Guide Needs To Stop Juicing

Health experts have long criticized Canada's daily food guide, and one of the problems is a juicy one.
Munchies Staff