Why You Get Off on Torturing Yourself With Chilis

It turns out that we are physiologically and psychologically predisposed to sadomasochistic dining tendencies.
Jessica Thompson

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Spicy Hell with Sean Evans of 'Hot Ones'

We put the host of the popular heat-fueled YouTube show to his own hot sauce test for a hell of an episode.
Helen Hollyman

Why You Should Eat Cheese When Your A/C Breaks

People love to eat and drink the pain away, so fight the sweltering heat of summer by eating a rich triple crème. It works.
Charlotte Kamin

It's So Hot in Arizona Right Now that You Can Literally Cook Pizza on the Sidewalk

Man, it's a hot one.
Jelisa Castrodale

Why Eating Ginger with Chili Peppers Could Save Your Life

There is a growing body of science supporting the health benefits of capsaicin but also mounting evidence suggesting that it can cause cancer. A team of scientists set out to better understand this contradiction.
Nick Rose

Hot Summers Are the Perfect Time for Eating Stinky Cheese

Sometimes it's too fucking hot to turn on a stove or exist inside an apartment. And when faced with the bursting farmers markets and the overwhelming selections at the nearest cheese counter, sometimes, less is more, and simple is good.
Charlotte Kamin
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Chef Made Me a Sex Addict

Before I started working in kitchens, I was a bookish design student. But the long, demanding hours on the line kept me from regular romantic relationships and I became someone who craved nothing but hot, quick, sweaty sex at the end of service.
Munchies Staff

Melting Like a Shave Ice in the Hot Summer Sun

I spotted the "HAWAIIAN SHAVE" sign from down the street and pulled into the gas station. The plastic seat cover from the spa, which had adhered to my skin with an admixture of spray/sweat, ripped as I exited the truck.
Richard Parks

The Spiciest Night of My Life with Canada's Hottest Man

I spent one night with Claude Dubé, the self-proclaimed chilihead and award-winning hot sauce masochist, who can tolerate up to 16 million Scoville units, a.k.a. the hottest of the hot on the spice spectrum.
Brigitte Noël

Dirty Work: Homemade Ranch Dressing and Sun Tea with Courtney McBroom of Large Marge

Davy Crockett once said, "You can go to hell, and I will go to Texas," but Courtney McBroom from Large Marge came to the MUNCHIES garden instead.
Munchies Staff

This Surgeon Is Suing an AC Company For Ruining His $300,000 Wine Collection

The moral of this story is this: a hobby that involves delayed gratification is a recipe for disaster. Drink your wine now. That way, it won’t get cooked later.
Alex Swerdloff

The French Barbecue Competition Would Make Texans Cry

There is nothing more patriotic in America than eating BBQ, but in France, it's our way to spend time with our families. Lasted weekend, I visited France's only BBQ competition—full of cowboy hats and bucking bulls—to see if we can keep up with US...
Baptiste Manzinali