It's Official: Kit Kats Are the Most Overrated Chocolate Bar in the World

They have been voted the world's favorite chocolate bar. And I am here to tell you that the world is wrong.
Mayukh Sen

These Vintage Halloween Junk Food Ads Are Internet Gold

What better time to hawk crappy food than during Halloween?
Nick Rose

Hershey's Plans to Start Selling Dried Meat Bars

What’s a 122-year-old chocolate conglomerate to do when it finds itself on the wrong side of swelling public opinion? How does a blueberry barbecue beef protein bar sound?
Alex Swerdloff

Candy Makers Are Desperate to Reverse a Potential "Chocopalypse"

It’s a lot to think about, and you’re probably not going to do so next time you unwrap a candy bar. But half a world away, a farmer is urging his plants to grow more and bigger cocoa pods for an industry that produces one of the most loved food...
Wyatt Marshall

Uptight Harvard Researchers Say Chocolate Isn't a Health Food

Even if flavanols—antioxidant compounds found in cocoa beans—happen to be good for you, you can’t eat a ton of Halloween chocolate and simply sit back and enjoy the health benefits.
Wyatt Marshall
Los Angeles

Fat Prince: Truffle Pizza with Jeff Mahin and Lamorne Morris

Andy teams up with Jeff Mahin of Stella Barra Pizzeria and Lamorne Morris of The New Girl to create a lobster, matsutake, and truffled cheese Boboli pizza and an equally decadent "8-ball doughnut."
Andy Milonakis

Your Favorite Halloween Candy Is Chock-Full of GMOs

As you sink your no-longer-young-and-cavity-free teeth into your favorite treats tonight, consider this: Pretty much everything you’re eating is confected from sweet, sweet GMOs.
Lauren Rothman