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Hong Kong

This Hong Kong Food Startup Hires the Elderly to Package Its Organic Frozen Dinners

Kenneth Choi Man-Kin's project not only provides jobs and a sense of community for the elderly, but also combats food waste from local farms.
Lauren Rothman

Hong Kong Still Won't Lift Ban on Food from Fukushima

Seven years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan is struggling to convince the world that its fish and produce is safe to eat.
Mayukh Sen

Naked Sushi Brunch Cancelled Amid Allegations of Sexism

Eating sushi from a naked woman's body is a storied practice, but some say it's objectifying, antiquated, and degrading.
Mayukh Sen
Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Farming Is a Political Statement

Increasingly, eating local isn’t just about health and taste—it’s about asserting Hong Kong’s autonomy in the face of mainland China.
Christopher DeWolf

Why This Hong Kong Bar Is Serving Canned Cocktails

KWOON's handmade cans spotlight local ingredients like dried sour plums, tangerine peel, and chrysanthemum.
Diana Hubbell
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Make This Vietnamese-Inspired Marinade for the Juiciest Pork Chops

The fish sauce and maple syrup basically act as a brine that will guarantee your chops won't lose moisture when you throw them on the grill.
Munchies Staff
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How-To: Make Juicy Pork Summer Rolls

“When you’re super hot and sweaty, these herbs cool you right down.”
Rupa Bhattacharya

How a Vietnamese Refugee Became a Celebrity Chef

After his parents fled their native country, Luke Nguyen grew up washing dishes at their tiny Vietnamese eatery in Sydney. He now has multiple restaurants, cookbooks, and TV programs to his name.
Diana Hubbell

How an Australian Chef Found Himself Making Lebanese Food in Hong Kong

Chef James Harrison has never been to Beirut, but training under Melbourne's best Lebanese-Australian chef (and his slap-happy mother) made him fall in love with the cuisine.
Diana Hubbell
Hong Kong

How Two Canadians' Izakaya Accidentally Changed Hong Kong's Restaurant Culture

"To be honest, we had no idea what we were doing when we opened."
Lindsay Jang
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This Hong Kong Bar Owner Learned How to Make Cocktails on Wikipedia

Little Lab—which specializes in Chinese twists of classic cocktails—got famous for a cocktail that played on sweet pork knuckle and vinegar stew.
Kate Springer
Chinese food

Hong Kong's 'Demon Chef' Gives Traditional Cantonese Food the Modernist Treatment

In Hong Kong, Alvin Leung is known as much for his eccentricity as he is for being the man who’s constantly pushing culinary boundaries.
Kate Springer