How-To: Make Cretan Spinach Pie with Andy Milonakis

Watch Andy Milonakis get back to his Greek roots as he uses poor knife skills, fresh herbs, and some good-ass feta to shows us how he eats like a fat prince with this Cretan spinach pie.
Andy Milonakis

How-To: Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

Chris Kronner of San Francisco's Kronnerburger updates a classic deep-fried recipe with his gluten-free onion rings.
Chris Kronner
hot sauce

How a Former Porn Star Found a New Life in Hot Sauce

Danny Wylde's post-adult film career is no less spicy.
Hillary Eaton
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How to Make a Hot Chicken Sandwich and a Taco Sub

Meet the taco sub, learn the ways of the hot chicken sandwich, and make both the next time you feel like being the happiest person in the universe.
Matty Matheson

Portraits of Hot Chili Pepper Masochists Crying Over Spicy Peppers

I went to the chili festival where people are passing out from eating off-the-charts hot peppers to meet Scoville scale addicted masochists and learn why they love spicy peppers so much.
Thieu Custers

Hot Summers Are the Perfect Time for Eating Stinky Cheese

Sometimes it's too fucking hot to turn on a stove or exist inside an apartment. And when faced with the bursting farmers markets and the overwhelming selections at the nearest cheese counter, sometimes, less is more, and simple is good.
Charlotte Kamin
The Weed Eater

This Former Weed Grower Now Breeds the World's Hottest Chili Pepper

Smokin' Ed Currie no longer cultivates or consumes weed, though he does still occasionally get high on his own supply of hot peppers—if you believe severe intestinal distress followed by a major endorphin rush qualifies as a high.
David Bienenstock

The Banana Hammock-Wearing Rollerblader Who Disrupted Lunch Service

Every summer, the restaurants in downtown Sarasota, Florida go on a hiring freeze. Luckily one café—run by a husband and wife duo—always kept a few positions open. But it was the banana hammock-wearing rollerblader who shook things up for both the...
Michael Marsicano

This Bean Curd Paste Is the Black Gold of Burma

<i>Pon yay gyi</i>, or black bean curd paste, is common ingredient in Burmese meals, cooked with pork and served over rice, or as part of a salad on the side. It also happens to be delicious.
hot sauce

Hot Sauce Might Have Saved This Man's Life

Passing out after ingesting something is not generally considered a healthy response. But Randy Schmitz is more than happy that he lost consciousness following a taste-test of hot sauce, which helped doctors discover the presence of a tumor in his...
Munchies Staff

Jackfruit and Spicy Meat Are a Match Made in Java

If you ever have ever craved a heavy, sweet fruit paired with a spicy tough meat, Nasi Gudeg is the dish for you. Hailing from from Yogakarta, a city in the center of Java, it's the comfort dish that Indonesians adore.
Monique Jaques

Thai Mull Lobster and Crab Wonton Soup Recipe

These lobster-stuffed wontons are suspended in a sweet, salty, spicy, and sour broth from Thailand...via Scotland.
Carla Lamont