How This Syrian Refugee Family Brought Their Century-Old Chocolate Business to Texas

In Damascus, the name Slik is synonymous with fine confections. Now, the family-owned chocolatier is continuing its legacy in a new homeland.
Diana Hubbell
American food

Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish Is the American Food of the Future

Houston's spicy refugee-born specialty is finally getting national attention.
Dan Q. Dao

This Bar Has Created an Anti-Christopher Columbus Drink Menu

Bobby Heugel of Houston's esteemed cocktail bar Anvil is a history buff with a thing or two to say about the true meaning of Columbus Day.
Jelisa Castrodale
hurricane harvey

These Houston Bakers Are Too Busy Making Bread to Talk About Being Heroes

“We appreciate y’all spreading the positivity and all, but nobody can talk right now.”
Nick Rose

Bros Play Beer Pong in Intersection, Rewarded with Local News Shoutouts

One news station even sent an anchor to play beer pong with them, on a table beside the intersection.
Jelisa Castrodale

Why Gun Enthusiasts Demolished a Houston Pizza Shop’s Yelp Page

At Pi Pizza in Houston, you can choose from 20 specialty pies, or you can have it your way and build your own. One thing you can’t do? Bring a gun in the joint.
Wyatt Marshall

Texans Can Now Register to Vote at Taco Trucks

Wanna hit El Taquito for a torta? In addition to some killer barbacoa, it comes with a side of democracy.
Hilary Pollack
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Get Your Goat and Serve It With These Spicy Korean Dumplings

The rice cakes and spicy gochujang in this dish from Houston's Underbelly are traditionally Korean, but the tender braised goat is straight outta Texas.
Munchies Staff

School Calls Cops on Student Who Paid for Chicken Tenders With Two-Dollar Bill

Even the cops thought she was lying.
Alex Swerdloff

Fake Crab Festivals Are America's Best New Food Scam

Thousands are purchasing tickets to the festivals, but when they show up the day-of, they encounter a sign in an empty field saying the event has been cancelled, or, often, nothing at all other than other disappointed crab-lovers.
Wyatt Marshall
daily vice

Get Your Dose of MUNCHIES on the Latest Daily VICE

Today on Daily VICE, associate editor Hilary Pollack discusses her visit to Killen's Barbecue, a little smoky slice of heaven that's shaking up the barbecue scene in and around Houston.
Munchies Staff

Meet the Most Influential Man in Houston's BBQ Scene

There's a reason people wait hours in the Texas sun to get a taste of Ronnie Killen's brisket, ribs, sausage, and sides: his barbecue is truly next-level.
Hilary Pollack