Meet the Once-Homeless Chef Using Food to Fight Poverty

"You can’t do anything positive with your life unless you’re stabilized, and you can’t be stabilized on an empty stomach."
Charlie Friedmann

Middle School Teacher Nearly Loses Job After Making Pancakes for Hungry Students

Ninety-five percent of the 500 students at the Pennsylvania school where Kyle Byler teaches are from low-income homes.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Terrifying Video Will Change the Way You Look at Pizza Forever

You think that you've seen it all on the internet until you see an acid trip-like video of mozzarella melting into the faces of amorphous cocker spaniel slugs.
Hilary Pollack
seal meat

Eating Seal Meat Is a Vital Part of Life in My Community

Many people opposed to seal hunting don't understand that kids in indigenous communities are hungry, and it's painful to see that. It's ridiculous that other cultures are welcome to survive off of our natural resources, but we're not.
Tanya Tagaq
indie chefs week

Come Eat in the MUNCHIES Kitchen for Indie Chefs Week

27 chefs, 14 courses, and you.
Munchies Staff
hunger strike

Israel Claims a Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Secretly Ate Cookies

A video of the alleged snacking comes only a few weeks after members of Israel's far right taunted prisoners with a barbecue cookout.
Alex Swerdloff

Salty Food Doesn't Make You Thirsty After All

Up is down.
Alex Swerdloff

UN World Food Programme Head Says Trump Budget Will Result in 'Starving Babies'

“No one in America believes that ‘America First’ means that other people must die.”
Alex Swerdloff

A Tech Company Hopes These Edible Drones Will Help End World Hunger

Some organizations are speaking out against the drones, with the chief executive of Save the Children calling them a "crackpot idea."
Brent Crane

Meals on Wheels Sees 500 Percent Donation Increase Since Trump Announced Budget Cuts

"While Meals on Wheels America and local Meals on Wheels programs are seeing an uptick in giving, it does not replace federal funding."
Alex Swerdloff

Trendy Superfood Diets Are Causing Food Insecurity In India

Thanks to their collective obsession with eating superfoods of all kinds, hipsters are now helping push indigenous populations in India toward hunger.
Wyatt Marshall

Researchers Project Sub-Saharan Africa Will Not Be Able to Feed Itself by 2050

Of the five major grains grown in the region (maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum), maize is the most important in terms of yield and caloric value—but yields of the grain must be at least doubled in the coming decades if there is any hope of...
Gigen Mammoser