Street Food

What It Takes to Feed 900,000 Sweaty Ravers

"Some take drugs, others get heat stroke, but all of them have to eat."
Katinka Oppeck

Is Toilet Food Considered a Health Code Violation?

Welcome to the first installment of 'Seriously, Though, Who Is This?' I anonymously texted a bunch of revered chefs weird photos of gourds on toilet rims to deduce their true stances on food safety. The results were divided, to say the least.
Xavier Aaronson

Rome Has Some Really Serious Problems with Food Safety

This past year could have been a particularly challenging one for maintaining health standards. In the aftermath of ridding the Roman trash collection system of organized crime, the city was left with garbage piling up throughout the cramped city.
Wyatt Marshall

The Internet Is Delighted at This Video of 17 Birds Eating Meat in a Walmart

In the video, as the birds happily peck away at the meat—like so many of Snow White’s cheerful little friends—a voice can be heard saying: “All that is bad. That whole top shelf.”
Alex Swerdloff

Damien Hirst’s Restaurant Has Been Slammed with a Terrible Hygiene Rating

Despite being one of the most famous (and wealthy) living artists, Hirst is having less success as a restaurateur.
Nick Rose

This Cafe Is Banning Customers From Paying with Cash Stored In Their Underpants

“We have had people search for things in their pockets and just put their money back in their mouth until they've found it,” says Robin Weeks, an Australian cafe owner no longer accepting cash from patrons’ underwear.
Phoebe Hurst
food safety

Mexican Cilantro Imports Have Been Banned Due to Fecal Contamination

Don't you just love snacking on guac and chips in the summer? Maybe not as much when your cilantro is contaminated with human feces and shredded toilet paper.
Javier Cabral
food safety

This Electronic Overlord Will Remind Food Service Workers to Wash Their Filthy Hands

A new a tracking system that monitors whether employees are really washing hands might change hygiene standards for food workers everywhere. That is, before it gets around to overthrowing and enslaving us all in its perfectly sterile clutches.
Alex Swerdloff
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Food Safety Inspector Means Never Forgetting the Smell of Cockroaches

As a food safety and sanitation professional, I was hired by large restaurant corporations to inspect their various locations. And what I saw was not even close to pretty.
food poisoning

Are America's Onions Infecting Australia with a Deadly Superbug?

An Australian researcher claims to have discovered a link between a rise in cases of Clostridium difficile and imports of onions from the United States.
Munchies Staff
the internet

Food Safety Experts Want You to Stop Buying Cheesecake from Facebook Strangers

Sacramento is struggling to regulate huge Facebook groups where anyone and everyone can sell homemade dishes prepared without any assurance of food safety.
Munchies Staff
the internet

America Loves Watching Raw Meat Porn

This week, the internet is abuzz over videos of raw meat being contaminated by dirty sidewalks and bare cleavage. What is it about poor food safety that gets us all hot and bothered?
Munchies Staff