Fast Food

How This Illinois 'Burger King' Has Defied the Global Chain with the Same Name

This rogue restaurant has been slinging burgers—but not Whoppers—for over 60 years.
Dave Minsky

Malicious, Maligned Malört Is Chicago’s Most Beloved and Disgusting Liqueur

"They're like, ‘Here, drink this!’ And you do it and you're like, ‘What the fuck?’
Gray Chapman
Craft Beer

These Tree-Hugging Brewers Make Beer Out of Bark

“We wanted to make everything taste like the place where it’s from,” says Scratch Brewing Company's Aaron Kleidon, who makes beers using arugula, mushrooms, and even trees.
Sarah Freeman

The 5 Best Thin-Crust Pizza Places in Chicago

With a chewy crust, inventive approach to toppings, and decidedly different slice design, Chi-Town's thin-crust pies really have their own thing going for them.
Munchies Staff

Here Are the Best Places to Get Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago

If you're hanging out in Chicago, damn right, you should be eating some decadent deep-dish pizza. Here are the seven best places to do just that.
Munchies Staff

A Suburban Chuck E. Cheese's Could Close for Being a Hub of Violence

A Chuck E. Cheese's in Oak Lawn, Illinois—about 30 minutes outside of Chicago—has become such a hub for violence and discord that the mayor has put it under threat of closure after 33 years of operation.
Munchies Staff

You Can Now Eat at the Diner from ‘Saved by the Bell’

Does an order of “Mac & Screech” with a side of “Mr. Belding’s Fries” cooked by a chef who used to work in a Michelin-rated restaurant sound appetizing to you? Welcome to Saved By the Max.
Javier Cabral

A Museum Dedicated to Pizza Is Coming to Chicago

The US Pizza Museum exhibit is part of Chicago’s first annual Pizza Summit, a meeting of the minds and pizza power players that caps off a month-long 30 Days of Pizza featuring events throughout the city. Andrew W.K. is the keynote speaker at the...
Wyatt Marshall
school lunch

How Chicago Students Are Fighting Disgusting School Lunches

Claiming that their cafeteria offerings—provided by private contractor Aramark—are "disgusting" and "rotten," students in Chicago Public Schools have started a boycott to fight for their right to a decent, nutritious lunch.
Tom Perkins

This Cop Went Undercover as a Pizza Delivery Guy

To put an end to a string of robberies, an undercover police officer there donned a Domino’s Pizza uniform and apprehended a recalcitrant thief.
Alex Swerdloff

Ancient Grains Might Be the Key to Solving the Gluten Problem

On a small farm in Illinois, a baker, a farmer, and a scientist have joined together to study the properties of ancient grains that are not only delicious but might be easier to digest for people who claim to have a sensitivity to gluten.
Sarah Freeman
hot sauce

Hot Sauce Might Have Saved This Man's Life

Passing out after ingesting something is not generally considered a healthy response. But Randy Schmitz is more than happy that he lost consciousness following a taste-test of hot sauce, which helped doctors discover the presence of a tumor in his...
Munchies Staff