native american cuisine

How to Decolonize Your Thanksgiving Dinner

We reached out to chef Nephi Craig, a member of the White Mountain Apache tribe. It starts with identifying foods that are indigenous to the Americas and asking yourself, "What do these ingredients mean to me?”
Javier Cabral
seal meat

Eating Seal Meat Is a Vital Part of Life in My Community

Many people opposed to seal hunting don't understand that kids in indigenous communities are hungry, and it's painful to see that. It's ridiculous that other cultures are welcome to survive off of our natural resources, but we're not.
Tanya Tagaq

This Shit Is a Delicacy

The droppings of the bird called a ptarmigan are considered a delicacy in certain parts of Greenland—a delicacy because, in a place of limited food resources, the oddest things can be regarded as haute cuisine.
Lawrence Millman

Foraging and Pig Hunting Still Sustain One of Taiwan's Most Remote Aboriginal Villages

The population of Smangus—an aboriginal village in a remote region of Taiwan—is only 178. There, the townspeople keep their indigenous language alive, forage for mushrooms and bamboo, and throw a party every time a wild pig is caught.
Clarissa Wei

Pig Sashimi and Foraged Seaweed: Celebrating the Ocean with an Indigenous Taiwanese Tribe

I joined Taiwan's Amis tribe at its annual Ocean Festival, where we ate seaweed collected from tide pools and raw pork thigh doused in soy sauce.
Clarissa Wei

Seal Meat and Caribou Offer a Taste of Canada’s Inuit Identity

We attended the annual Taste of the Arctic event to try some staples of the Inuit diet and to discuss the place of food in Inuit culture.
Nick Rose
Drink Me

Australia's Bush Is Coming to Your Cocktail

It’s a blind taste test and you have to identify coriander, mint, thyme and basil. Easy, right? But what if the lineup included pepperberry, akudjura, wattleseed and boobialla? These unique native botanicals are putting Australian liquor on the top...
Jessica Thompson

Ant-Hunting in the Amazon for the World's Best Chefs

A journey into the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, in search of the ants from Alex Atala’s most famous dish. 
Andreas Viestad

I Tried to Make My Own Vegemite Moonshine

Australia’s Indigenous Affairs Minister came under fire last week after warning that the country’s remote Aboriginal communities were distilling illicit alcohol from Vegemite. I put the claim to the test by attempting to brew my own batch.
George Nelson

Australia Needs to Embrace Its Bush Tucker

Bush tucker, as native Australian foods are commonly known, are as delicious as they are wild. Yet Australia has never embraced its quandongs and its wallaby meats as part of its national cuisine—and that is a damn shame.
Emma Do