Why Iran Is Turning Onions into Jewelry

Onions are an Iranian's best friend?
Alex Swerdloff
Iranian food

How I Finally Learned to Cook Iranian Food in Time for Persian New Year

Iranians celebrate New Year—Nowruz—on the day of the vernal equinox. Remembering the Persian dishes so loved by my Iranian dad (and spurned by my proudly Turkish Cypriot mum), I asked British Iranian cook Yasmin Khan to help me to prepare a Nowruz feast.
Sirin Kale

I Escaped An Alcohol-Free Iran to Make Wine In Oregon

In Persian literature, there is no subject covered as much as wine. Not just the taste and flavor of wine, but the spirit of wine. My winery in Oregon celebrates this.
Moe Momtazi

How Syrian Bakers Are Making Bread Against All Odds

Even in a time of war, Syrians' high standards for bread are uncompromising. Bakers have implemented unique techniques to provide the daily bread under conflict.
Emma Beals
Persian food

Learning to Cook in a War Zone Makes You Appreciate Good Rice

During the Iran–Iraq War, Moh Narimani’s hometown of Ahvaz was evacuated. He remained to protect his house, but with no women around, he became an impromptu community cook. "The best Iranian chef is judged on who can make the nice rice,” he says.
Gareth May

My Night at Tunisia's Wine Club

Despite all the teetotaling stereotypes associated with Muslim countries, alcohol consumption is as common as couscous in Tunisia. I spent an evening at the Tunisian Wine Club, where the crowd is just as interesting as the wine itself.
Sarah Souli

Iran's Pistachios Are Worrying American Farmers

Pistachio farmers in the US are worried about their business now that they face competition from a country where pistachios have been grown since—well, for a very, very long time.
Alex Swerdloff

The Nuclear Deal Clears the Way for Iranian Saffron in the West

Next week, the first shipment of Iranian saffron will be coming to the US. The announcement was made by the head of Iran’s Saffron Exports Development Fund.
Alex Swerdloff

Iran Is Banning the Word 'Wine'

The ministry just outlined new censorship guidelines that ban the printing of certain Western words perceived as arrogant. Words like “wine,” which shall henceforth not be printed in books published in Iran.
Alex Swerdloff

Iran Has Lost Its Nuclear Program But Regained Its Caviar Industry

Thanks to the recent nuclear deal with Iran, 2010's sanctions are being eased and lifted—paving the way for the resurgence of Iran's caviar industry.
Alex Swerdloff

The French Won’t Dine with Iran Unless Wine Is Involved

According to French-based RTL Radio, President Rouhani insisted that the formal meal with Hollande could not include any wine or non-halal meat. Hollande evidently declared that that would not constitute a real meal in France.
Alex Swerdloff

Iran’s Fake KFC Was Shut Down in Less Than a Day

Forget about nuclear disarmament. We need to get some people working on America’s fast food presence in Iran, ASAP.
Alex Swerdloff