Tel Aviv

This Grandma-Run Tel Aviv Cafe Has No Set Hours and Serves Whatever It Wants

The cafe is on HaCarmel Street and has a bright blue door. There’s no name or address, but if you’re intrigued enough, you’ll find it.
Rachel Myerson
Fast Food

Crucified Ronald McDonald Sculpture Causes Absolute Shitstorm at Israeli Art Museum

Church leaders are not lovin' it.
Jelisa Castrodale
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How I Tracked Down the Delicious Israeli Pudding of My Childhood

Milky is iconic for those who grew up in Israel in the 80s, but proved to be a feat to find stateside.
Yael Grauer
Ice Cream

This Ice Cream Shop Is So Good that Israelis Sneak into Palestine to Eat There

"The ice cream is stretchy, like melted cheese. It makes me so sad that I may not have that ice cream ever again.”
Justin Fornal

Virgin Atlantic Can't Seem to Win in Controversy Over 'Palestinian Couscous'

The airline faces vitriol both for calling its couscous 'Palestinian' and then for changing the name in efforts to appease customers.
Jelisa Castrodale
o rly

Bar Offers 'Bloody' Discount to Women Who Are on Their Periods

Tell the bartender you're on the rag, and you'll receive 25 percent off your bar bill, since women spend roughly one-fourth of their lives menstruating.
Jelisa Castrodale
hunger strike

Israel Claims a Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Secretly Ate Cookies

A video of the alleged snacking comes only a few weeks after members of Israel's far right taunted prisoners with a barbecue cookout.
Alex Swerdloff

How One Jerusalem Joint Is Dealing with Israel's Terrible Restaurant Wages

If you think American waiters get screwed, Israelis have it even worse. At the kosher restaurant Crave, servers and bartenders receive a fair hourly wage, rather than surviving off unreliable tips.
Ilan Ben Zion

Why This Spanish Chef Temporarily Turned Kosher

Can a Galician-style menu without octopus or pork still be called Galician? Rafael Centeno of Spain's Maruja Limón tried to answer that in Tel Aviv last week.
Ilan Ben Zion
Make this

This 'Jerusalem Topping' Is the Secret to the Best Hummus

There is no “right” way to eat hummus, there is definitely a right way to make it—and that is from scratch.
Munchies Staff

This Israeli Restaurant Is Bringing Jews and Arabs Together Over a Love of Grilled Fish

The head chef of Savida in the ancient city of Acre says that dining there should be “like coming to a family to eat.”
Ilan Ben Zion

How a Tiny Homebrew Shop Kicked Off a Craft Beer Revolution in Israel

Denny Neilson is the American father of Israeli microbrewing and the sole purveyor of hard apple cider in the land of milk and honey. As the craft brewing scene has exploded in Israel over the past decade, he’s been there every step of the way.
Ilan Ben Zion