Jackfruit Nachos

Jackfruit is a surprisingly awesome substitute for pulled pork.
Lucy Lightowlers
Henry Morris
Ryan McCann

How-To: Make a Vegan Christmas Dinner

Celebrating Christmas shouldn't require you to kill a turkey or a goose, even if they do taste damn good.
Ava Szajna-Hopgood

Meet the Couple Growing Tropical Supergreens in the Costa Rican Jungle

The founders of Finca Tierra went off-grid to sow greens that grow like weeds. Their humble goal: have the smallest carbon footprint possible.
Clarissa Wei

Why a Vegan Pork Substitute Could Soon Be Used to Make Chocolate

As a global cocoa bean shortage looms, scientists from the American Chemical Society say that jackfruit seeds—which have a similar aroma to cocoa—could play a vital role in chocolate manufacturing.
Daisy Meager

This Man Is Trying to Save India's Food Future with Jackfruit

Journalist Shree Padre has been working for years to convince Indians that jackfruit—the thorny South Asian fruit that works equally well in desserts and as a meat substitute—should become a staple part of their diets.
Prathap Nair
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These Are All the Foods People Are Obsessively Googling Right Now

Mercifully, rainbow bagels are losing their interest fast, and searches for quinoa and kale chips are also waning which each passing summer.
Wyatt Marshall

These Carnitas Tacos Might Turn You Vegan

When cooked, green jackfruit has the texture of shredded pork—straight up. So what happens when you treat it like carnitas and put it in a taco?
Javier Cabral

When Eating Jackfruit, Bring Your Own Rubber Gloves

Looking like a lumpy, dangerous watermelon, jackfruit can grow up to 100 pounds and 20 inches in diameter, giving some hint as to why it’s known as “tree mutton” in Bengali. It's also the favorite new meat substitute for vegans in the West.
Shawna Kenney

Jackfruit and Spicy Meat Are a Match Made in Java

If you ever have ever craved a heavy, sweet fruit paired with a spicy tough meat, Nasi Gudeg is the dish for you. Hailing from from Yogakarta, a city in the center of Java, it's the comfort dish that Indonesians adore.
Monique Jaques