Jamaican Beef Patty Recipe

This baked handheld Jamaican classic has a turmeric-loaded flaky crust and a filling loaded with flavor.
Andre Fowles
jerk chicken

I Won a Jerk Chicken Cookoff at a Jamaican Sex Resort

I am the "Jerk Off" champion.
Janelle Lassalle

Why This Jamaican School Is Focused on Food Sustainability

In Granville, students are learning self-sufficiency through farming.
Allison Ramirez

DeVonn Francis Is Bringing Jamaican Flavors to NYC's Queer Food Revolution

“The intentions you put into a dish, what kind of olive oil you're using or what kind of salt you want to finish a dish with––that same attention should be given to people."
Elazar Sontag

Caribbean Pumpkin Slaw

Pumpkin slaw gets its shine on with a spicy saffron vinaigrette, garlic confit, and a touch of scotch bonnet to send you straight to the Caribbean.
Jose Enrique
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Here's Your Chance to Ask Action Bronson Anything You Want

What are you wondering about Mr. Wonderful? Submit your queries to our podcast and he'll answer them on the air.
Munchies Staff
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This Guinness Punch Is Like an Adult Vanilla Milkshake

If kahlua and cream is as far as your milk-based alcohol fantasies will take you, it's time to say 'ya mon' to this Guinness Punch.
Munchies Staff
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The History of Jamaica Tastes Like Ackee and Saltfish

Chef Kwame Williams wants more Americans to put down the jerk chicken and give it a try.
Korsha Wilson
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This Jerk Chicken Sandwich Is Cheaper and Faster than a Flight to Jamaica

Smoky, savory, legit Jamaican jerk chicken sounds like one of those time-consuming, don’t-even-bother dishes, but it’s completely worthwhile. All it takes is a little time and one specialty ingredient.
Becky Hughes
Action Bronson

Action Bronson’s Guide to Eating in Jamaica on ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

If you want to make like Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren and go deep on Jamaica's jerk chicken scene, Ital food, and grilled lobster, these are the spots you can't miss in Port Antonio.
Munchies Staff

Long Time Friends

After a lifetime of eating Jamaican food in Queens, it's time for the real thing. Action and Meyhem go to Jamaica for the jerk chicken and a music video for Meyhem's new single.
Action Bronson
Action Bronson

Watch Action Bronson Get Wild in Jamaica in a New 'Fuck, That's Delicious' Trailer

After a lifetime of eating Jamaican food on Jamaica Ave. in Queens, it was time to eat the real thing. Action and Meyhem Lauren head to Port Antonio, Jamaica to eat at the birth place of jerk chicken and make a music video for Meyhem's new single...
Munchies Staff