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This Vegetarian Chef Says Pizza Is Just as Good for You as Quinoa

“I wholeheartedly believe that a rushed bowl of quinoa is going to have way less nutrition than pizza and some beers with friends,” says Anna Jones, chef and author of cookbook <i>A Modern Way to Cook</i>.
Daisy Meager

Jamie Oliver Just Closed a Load of Restaurants Because of Brexit

Cheltenham, Exeter, Aberdeen, and others wave goodbye to Jamie's Italian.
Phoebe Hurst

Jamie Oliver Says He Wants to Be Cremated in a Pizza Oven When He Dies

The TV chef has revealed in an interview with <i>The Daily Mail</i> that he wants a “culinary approach” to his funeral.
Daisy Meager

Fergus Henderson and Three Veteran St. John Chefs Cooked the Ultimate Nose-to-Tail Dinner

Tim Siadatan, Jon Rotheram, and Robbin Holmgren all started out at St. John, Henderson’s legendary London restaurant group. But when preparing a special dinner together on the hottest day of the year, would too many cooks spoil the broth?
Daisy Meager
Sugar Tax

This Food Industry Body Says the UK Sugar Tax Should Be Stalled Because of Brexit

The Food and Drink Federation has called for the levy on sugary drinks due to come into effect in 2018 to be put on hold to avoid “unwelcome additional burdens” on Britain’s food and drink industry.
Daisy Meager
food waste

A Wonky Mr. Potato Head Could Solve Our Food Waste Problem

UK supermarket ASDA and toy manufacturer Hasbro have created a misshapen version of the popular Toy Story character to promote “ugly” vegetables.
Daisy Meager

How Europe Shaped British Eating Habits

Olive oil instead of lard. Pesto pasta for dinner. Croissants. Continental European food culture has had a huge impact on British eating habits.
Rebecca May Johnson
culinary legends

Ruth Rogers Built The River Café with Girl Power and Egg Tagliarini

The culinary partnership between Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray is responsible for iconic British Italian restaurant The River Café. “Rose and I didn’t sleep until we had made egg tagliarini every way possible,” says Rogers.
Thomas Hobbs
british food

Jamie Oliver Doesn't Want to Be a Hipster Chef

Original celebrity chef Jamie Oliver might not be as edgy as the tattooed guys on Chef’s Table, but he remains as one of Britain's most popular food personalities.
Phoebe Hurst
food television

Keith Floyd Changed My Life

Every recipe was the same, and none of the dishes ever looked that edible, but Keith Floyd—broadcaster, bon vivant, born entertainer—changed my life.
Josh Baines

Meet the ‘Professional Pyromaniac’ Behind London’s Best Meat Dishes

“I was one of those kids that set fire to stuff—and now I burn shit every day,” says London Log Company founder Mark Parr, whose specialist charcoal adds a unique smoky flavour to meat dishes.
Gareth May

The British Government Is Under Even More Pressure to Tax Sugary Drinks

Following last month’s review on sugar from Public Health England, a new report from the Commons Health Select Committee has called for a 20 percent tax on sugary drinks and restrictions on junk food advertising.
Phoebe Hurst