MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Meet the Chef Who's Revolutionizing Modern Kaiseki Cuisine

On the latest podcast episode, we visit the kitchen of world-renowned chef Niki Nakayama, who is redefining kaiseki cuisine with unique techniques and foraged ingredients.
Helen Hollyman

This LA Chef Is Serving a Japanese-Italian Breakfast for Dinner

“As far as Japanese being very simple and delicate, and Italian being very simple but very rustic and robust in flavor, I feel they intermingle very well," says Orsa & Winston's chef Josef Centeno.
Natalie B. Compton

Why Kawaii Culture Drives Japan to Devour Cuteness

There’s no better way to experience Japan's cuteness-driven kawaii culture than by literally consuming it.
Karen Yossman

Ramen Has Finally Arrived in Israel

The absence of pork ramen at Mian Noodles represents the chef's willingness to forgo gustatory greatness in exchange for accommodating Jewish customers’ dietary restrictions.
Ilan Ben Zion

This Sake Sommelier Wants You to Stop Drinking Crappy Hot Sake

Think you don't like sake? Motoko Watanabe of Zenkichi says that's because you've been drinking mass-produced swill that's served boiling hot to mask its crappiness.
Barbara Woolsey

This Japanese Designer Wants to Give Ugly Chefs Coats a Makeover

"We really believe that when you're better dressed, your cooking is better, too.”
Alexis Ferenczi
japanese food

Is White Wine the Secret to Perfect Tempura?

Chef Satori Masada is all about bringing an authentic, high-end tempura experience to America, with a new Los Angeles outpost of the Kyoto-based tempura restaurant Tempura Endo.
Hillary Eaton

Japanese Men Get All the Candy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan has taken a few twists in translation, adding a gender-role shakeup that is completely foreign to the way the holiday is celebrated in the rest of the world.
Alex Swerdloff
Aisle Check

Heaven Is the Food Court at a Suburban Japanese Supermarket

I took a delicious snack tour of Mitsuwa, a huge Japanese supermarket and food court in New Jersey, and came out knowing a lot more about milky soft drinks and pickled root vegetables.
Ashok Kondabolu

Asian-Style Marinated Eggplant with Homemade Hyssop Ricotta

Seared Japanese eggplant gets doused in an addictive lemongrass and Asian vinegar sauce, topped with heirloom carrots, and paired with creamy, homemade ricotta.
Bobby Hellen

I Tried To Spice Up My Sex Life By Becoming a Naked Sushi Platter

As an experienced and mature woman who has fully embraced her sexuality, I assumed that recreating the tradition of naked sushi at home could have been the ultimate food-based, role-playing sexual fantasy. Food enthusiasts of the world, am I right?
Stephanie Kordan

What it Takes to Bring Authentic Japanese Ramen to America

Months of sampling broths, fights with the FDA, and refractometers are just the beginning when it comes to nailing traditional Japanese tonkotsu on American soil.
Jagger Gravning