This Kickstarter for 'Ketchup Slices' Is Suspiciously Similar to an LA Chef's Invention

'Slice of Sauce' wants to mass-produce slices of ketchup you can stick on a sandwich. Sounds a lot like Ketchup Leather, which has been around for years.
Mayukh Sen

How Internet Trolls Took Down a Meme-Themed Restaurant

Catriona Crehan and her teenage brother closed the Kickstarter campaign after just 72 hours.
Mayukh Sen
Cultural Appropriation

Wellness Blogger Abandons Plans for 'Modern Mexican Frutería' After Backlash

Following allegations of cultural appropriation, La Gracia will not be seeing the light of day.
Mayukh Sen
food waste

This Startup Turns Beer Waste into Fancy Vegan Smoothies

Wasting beer is not cool—but maybe beer waste is.
Becky Hughes

Have We Reached Peak Avocado? We Asked the Inventor of the 'Guac-E Talk-E'

Yeah, it's a walkie talkie that looks like an avocado. Wanna crowdfund it?
Jelisa Castrodale

This Kickstarter Campaign Could Change Commercial Fishing Forever

What if you could track the origins of your seafood minute-by-minute, from the first moment it lands on the dock?
Natalie B. Compton

This Documentarian Wants Us to All Eat Human Placenta

"When I actually tasted it, what I got right away was that it was very tender, like a piece of tenderized beef. It tasted like it, too."
Javier Cabral

Playing Beer Pong Against A Robot Looks as Ridiculous as It Sounds

The Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that zips your Solo cups randomly around the table while you’re playing beer pong. .
Jelisa Castrodale
Ice Cream

Meet the Man Who Wants to Make Astronaut Ice Cream Cool Again

Collignon is a man wholly obsessed with creating truly unparalleled astronaut ice cream and he’s even gone so far as to end his career in advertising and live in van to do so.
Alex Swerdloff

Who Needs a Cat Cafe When You Can Get Drunk at a Cat Wine Bar?

It was only a matter of time before a felinophile with a big dream and a penchant for booze connected the dots.
Nick Rose

This Man Says His Protein-Fortified “Fitness Beer” Will Change the World

The Illinois resident and former employee of an insurance company decided to leave everything behind—he says he even turned down Harvard Law School—to bet it all on his undying desire to combine pleasure and pain
Alex Swerdloff

This App Uses Your Genes to Tell You What Beer to Drink

If funding comes through, researchers hope to produce the BeerDeCoded app, which would help consumers navigate beer DNA and pair brews with their own tastebuds.
Molly Hannon