WATCH: Genius Dude Converts Car Windshield Wipers into Kombucha Fountain

"I regret everything. Everything's sticky. I don't even think I can get the smell out if I clean it."
Jelisa Castrodale

You Can Now Drink Kombucha Fernet Thanks to Lindsay Lohan

How LiLo inspired one company to turn its health drink into hooch.
Natalie B. Compton

Inside Portland’s First Hipster-Themed Convenience Store

At Mini Mini, locals can have Crowlers filled with on-tap kombucha and craft beer, snag pints of Salt & Straw ice cream, and pick up a pack of American Spirits in cool, detached style.
Jack Rushall

This Tea Could Help Humans Conquer Mars

Synthetic biology researchers at Imperial College London have manipulated the bacteria in fermented kombucha tea to engineer material for building shelters on Mars. Take that, Earl Grey.
Daisy Meager

How-To: Kombucha

Lisa Lov from Relæ in Copenhagen shows us how to make kombucha, a sweet Chinese tea made from a fermented scoby.
Lisa Lov
Make this

DIY Kombucha Is an Easy, Healthy, Boozy Weekend Project

Get to work. It's not every day that a beverage comes around that can both get you tipsy and offer you health benefits to gloat about.
Munchies Staff
Diy cooking

DIY Kombucha with Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food

Mission Chinese Food's Angela Dimayuga, a bona fide kombucha-making pro, tells us why SCOBYs are basically pets, that it's OK to get weird, and how Lindsay Lohan can influence your kombucha game.
Munchies Staff

Kombucha Made EZ

Angela Dimayuga shows us just how easy making your own kombucha at home can be. All you need is a little bit of sugar, tea, juice, and time.
Angela Dimayuga

Cheap Beer and DIY Kombucha: A Look Back on the Evolution of the Hipster Diet

Eventually, the word “hipster” has somehow come to equate eggs Benedict-loving bitters-drinkers who work at creative agencies and Instagram photos of their avocado toast with face-tatted bike messengers who singlehandedly pound 12-packs.
Hilary Pollack

Kombucha Is Now Being Used to Search for Aliens

Scientist are hoping that by attaching kombucha SCOBYs to the side of the International Space Station, they might be able to absorb lunar minerals in space and examine them for potential extraterrestrial life.
Javier Cabral

Eating Kimchi and Yogurt Can Make You a Less Awkward Person

This study—which links probiotic foods with improved social engagement and decreased neurosis—will have you swapping your medication for a dill pickle.
Alex Swerdloff

I Got Wasted on Drinking Vinegar

Drinking vinegars (or, "shrubs", as they're otherwise known) are having a quiet resurgence here in the UK. They're not just tasty and good for you, either—if you're of sensitive disposition, they'll get you a bit wasted.
Eleanor Morgan