Los Angeles

How 'Tacos for Teachers' Embodies Los Angeles

"People say, ‘We have to worry about immigration! If we don’t, we’ll have a taco truck on every corner.’ For me, and for most Angelenos, well, it’s the dream.”
Lizzy Saxe

Korean Waffle Pizzas Are a Stoner's Dream in LA

Once upon a time, waffle pizza was just something you microwaved together after a stoned TV binge. But in LA, there’s now an entire restaurant that proves that pizza is the best thing to happen to waffles since fried chicken.
Jean Trinh
Los Angeles

The 15 Best Strip Mall Food Spots in LA

Our favorite spots to get Szechuan, pho, sushi, dumplings, falafel, ice cream, and so much more.
Munchies Staff

What I Learned from Opening a Restaurant Empire on Skid Row

My decision to open up my restaurant in the middle of Skid Row was one of the riskiest things that I have ever done in my life.
Jesse Gomez
how to

How-To: Make Jam-Stuffed French Toast with Sqirl

Jessica Koslow of Sqirl shows us how to make next-level French toast with crunchy-soft slabs of brioche, homemade raspberry jam, custard, fleur de sel, and a dash of lemon.
Jessica Koslow
MUNCHIES: The Podcast

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: A Love Letter to LA from Best Coast and Lili Hayes

No one is prouder to eat and live in LA than Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast​.
Munchies Staff

MUNCHIES Presents: LA Coffee

Whether you like it hot or cold, bitter or sweet, light or dark, dripped or poured, Los Angeles’ robust world-class coffee scene has it all.
Munchies Staff
Vietnamese Food

Why Great Pho Broth Starts At 4 AM

Cooks at LA's Nong Lá start prepping the beefy broth well before dawn breaks. But in an industry already struggling to keep line cooks, finding someone to come in before sunrise is particularly tough.
Natalie B. Compton
Bong Appetit

How to Hotbox a Tandoor

This deleted scene from 'Bong Appetit' proves that it's harder than it looks.
Munchies Staff

Helping a Chef Do Taco Research Might Kill You

I joined the team behind LA's Chicas Tacos on an R&D trip to Mexico and came close to a delicious death by food and booze.
Natalie B. Compton
Los Angeles

I Ate Lunch at the Original Taco Bell

My pilgrimage to Tito's Tacos, the LA institution that's considered a prelude to Taco Bell, was a surprising experience filled with hard-shelled tacos.
Alison Stevenson
Chinese food

The Best Chinese Restaurants in LA, According to Chinese People

There are plenty of listicles about Chinese food in Los Angeles, but few have asked actual Chinese expats where they prefer eat around town.
Clarissa Wei