Eating in One of Britain's Most Racially Divided Towns

Census data shows that white and Asian residents of Blackburn, Lancashire are increasingly divided. I visited restaurants in the town's “Asian quarter” to find out how a council regeneration scheme is forging links between the communities.
Kamila Rymajdo

This 'Butter Pie' Might Be the World’s Greatest Half-Time Snack

A match day favorite at Preston North End Football Club, butter pie is dense and nourishing and a little clammy. Its filling is pure, unrelenting, delicious fat.
Josh Barrie
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Lancashire’s Only Surviving Raw Milk Cheesemakers

Most of the cheese sold in the UK is single curd but Mrs Kirkham’s make double curd: a blend of young “alive” curds and two-day old richer, nuttier curds. Combining the two matures the cheese and deepens the flavour.
Gareth May

Even This Tripe Shop Owner Hates The Taste of Tripe

“I can’t eat tripe. It’s horrible,” says Anita Clarke, owner of The Tripe and Sandwich Shop in Manchester. “It was like having snot in my mouth.” But how do you come to run one of the country’s only remaining tripe shops if you don’t actually like...
Johanna Derry

This Barista Set Up a Dairy Herd So He Could Make Better Lattes

“Everything in the coffee industry is moving yet milk is overlooked,” says Noble Espresso’s Shaun Young, who has partnered with a Lancashire dairy farm to create specialist milk for coffee.
Tom Levitt

This Baker Is Turning 17th Century Witches’ Broth Into Pie

Four hundred years after the trial of Lancashire’s Pendle witches—12 men and women executed for witchcraft and murder—baker Christine Turner makes pies inspired by the broth served at their illicit gatherings.
Johanna Derry