Lard Biscuits Recipe

Every Southern grandma knows that lard makes for the tenderest biscuits.
Cara Nicoletti
Fast Food

The March Madness of Fast Food

After spending several days sprawled out watching men on TV throw a ball at a hole in an effort not to get eliminated from a competition, I decided to subject the glorious fast food restaurants of America to a similar contest. I seeded 64 of our most...
Blake Butler
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How to Make the Best Biscuits You'll Ever Eat

At some point this weekend, it will be time to wipe the crusty saliva from your mouth and attempt to achieve greatness. We've decided to speed up the process and help you make brunch.
Munchies Staff
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Dress Your Savory Tart in Flowers and Fat

There are endless possibilities when it comes to pie. But don't limit yourself to sweets—whip up this ricotta-filled savory tart with a pork-fat crust and a topping of fresh herbs and flowers.
Munchies Staff
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These Quick Breads Are Going to Make Your Sunday Morning Magical

Baking yourself a quick batch of vegan blueberry muffins or easy lard biscuits is the perfect edible achievement for a weekend morning.
Sydney Kramer

Pork Rillettes Recipe

Luscious, spreadable pork.
Alex Yoder

Probiotics Could Protect Bacon-Eaters from Weight Gain

Researchers have found that replacing the gut bacteria of mice on a diet of lard with that of mice on a diet of fish oil prevented them from gaining weight. The details aren't too pretty, though.
Munchies Staff

Win a Copy of 'Voracious,' Cara Nicoletti's Delicious New Book

Win a copy of <i>Voracious</i>, a new book from chef/author Cara Nicoletti that explores the overlap between classic literature and amazing food.
Munchies Staff

Your Next Flight Out of LAX Could Be Fueled By Beef Fat

AltAir Fuels is a company based in the LA area that’s currently retrofitting a Paramount, California tallow refinery to produce jet fuel from beef fat.
Lauren Rothman

Casero-Style Tamales

Bring Mexico into your kitchen with these squash and cheese-filled tamales.
Wesley Avila

How to Get an Education in Meat

When one Brooklyn chef was dissatisfied with the available meat offerings, he looked to a small, one-year-old company based in Pennsylvania for delicious, humanely slaughtered animals with signature flavor profiles.
Larissa Zimberoff

We Should All Be Eating Animal Fat

Now that it's no longer considered the enemy, we should be fully embracing the animal fats our grandparents cooked with. Plus, anything cooked in lard tastes way better than anything cooked in olive oil.
Gareth May