alcohol consumption

Company Claims They Made a Vodka That Won't Cause Any Liver Damage

A team of scientists has worked tirelessly to create what they call the world’s first "functional spirit."
Nick Rose

This Grassroots Group Is Feeding Home-Cooked Meals to the Homeless in Las Vegas

Siloh Moses was living on the streets of Las Vegas just 18 months ago. Since then, he founded ServingHopeLV, a grassroots organization that brings home-cooked meals to the homeless.
Ocean Malandra
The Weed Eater

I Got Really Stoned and Devoured the Most Decadent Buffet in Las Vegas

With pot legalization coming to Nevada, our Weed Eater set out in search of the best spots to be high and hungry in Sin City.
David Bienenstock

Fridges of the Future Will Tell You When Your Milk Is Going Bad

Electronics company Samsung has revealed its new smart fridge, which features a giant 21.5-inch touchscreen and inbuilt camera to monitor when food is spoiling.
Phoebe Hurst

The Best Fine Food in Las Vegas Is Not on the Strip

Artisanal Foods, a Las Vegas-based specialty food purveyor that supplies fine dining restaurants with fancy-schmancy provisions, is now slinging affordable foie gras at a 7,500-square-foot warehouse next to the airport.
Debbie Lee
Restaurant Confessionals

What It’s Like to Work In a Breastaurant That Gives People Coronaries

At the Heart Attack Grill, people weighing over 350 pounds eat for free and if they don’t finish their food, we spank them. I’ve called an ambulance for customers who’ve had coronaries.

An Ode to the Outrageous World of Las Vegas Drinking Vessels

Why would you settle for a koozie-wrapped Bud Light bottle when you can drink out of a three-feet-long plastic cup shaped like a woman’s leg? Fishnets, high heels, and all?
Kristy Totten

My Quest for Las Vegas's Mermaid Cuisine Ended Up in the Fryer

Mermaids is the only place in Vegas where you can order fried Twinkies or double down on hot dogs doused in Mardi Gras beads from a clerk who's a dead ringer for Grace Jones.
Kristy Totten

The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: The Desert

Braydon discovers the beauty of Indian tacos and Kool-Aid pickles with the Southern Paiute tribe, throws a few back with some hard-working miners at Carvers, and cooks with the working girls at Sheri’s Ranch.
Braydon Szafranski

The MUNCHIES Guide to Vegas: The Palms

Join host Braydon Szafranski for a day at Las Vegas mega-hotel the Palms Casino Resort, where we ride the elevator to the top and experience how high-rollers eat and party.
Braydon Szafranski

The MUNCHIES Guide to Vegas: Farm to Table

Host Braydon Szafranski follows the trail of excess from the all-you-can-eat buffet at an off-the-strip favorite, the Feast Buffet at Red Rock Casino, to RC Farms in North Las Vegas ... then sees behind the curtain where all of the leftovers go.
Braydon Szafranski

The MUNCHIES Guide To Vegas: Ol' School Vegas

Anthony Curtis, a former-card counter, takes us out for a night filled with the best gambling and eats we’ve ever not paid for. We also hit up the classic Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge for a 3 AM feast of epic proportions. Oh, and did we...
Braydon Szafranski