Easy Red Lentil Dhal Recipe

Quick, simple, and loaded with turmeric.
Bruno Loubet
Dirty Work

Camille Becerra Is Here to Make Your Salads Better

The all-day-cafe queen knows a good salad when she sees one.
Munchies Staff

Easy Lentil Fritters

Ideal for snacking, these simple fritters also make the perfect base for a weeknight salad.
Camille Becerra
french food

France’s Unconditional Love for Dishes That Make You Fart

Cassoulet, pot-au-feu, onion soup. All the ingredients for success—and flatulence—come together in these classic dishes of French cuisine.
Romain Chanson
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This Perfectly Spiced Dhal Is What Healthy Comfort Food Tastes Like

It's so simple, yet so profound.
Munchies Staff
Indian Food

Eating Indian Food Could Cure Your Winter Cold

As November’s chill sets in, rather than reach for the flu tablets, I pull out the ingredients for khichdi (the Indian answer to chicken soup) or Masala chai, the original cold cure.
Zab Mustefa
climate change

Why Bread Will Taste Different in 2050

Higher carbon dioxide levels could mean changes in how our grains grow—which will, in turn, alter the constitution of your grilled cheese sandwiches.
Munchies Staff
Organic farming

Turns Out Boring Old Lentils Are Surprisingly Radical

During the 1980s farming crisis, a group of renegade Heartland farmers radicalized conventional agriculture with one surprising crop: lentils.
Lauren Rothman

Cairo's Koshary Festival Was a Reckless Display of Carbs

In an upscale neighborhood of Cairo, 50 chefs gathered to cook the world's largest dish of koshary—a cheap and carb-filled dish of rice, lentils, chickpeas, and pasta.
Max Siegelbaum

South Indian Rasam Soup

Drink this spicy-sour soup at the end of a meal, or serve with white rice.
Ashok Kondabolu
Indian Food

Stop Calling Grocery Stores 'Ethnic'

I grew up in Jackson Heights, a diverse neighborhood with a variety of ethnicities, but I don’t get the word “ethnic” in terms of grocery stores. This is my column dedicated to exploring those air quote shops around the US.
Ashok Kondabolu