Fernet-Branca Was Once a ‘Cure’ for Cholera

I was granted a conversation with the Vice President of Fernet-Branca, Niccolò Branca, who offered some rare insight into its composition and surprising history.
Harry Sword

Malicious, Maligned Malört Is Chicago’s Most Beloved and Disgusting Liqueur

"They're like, ‘Here, drink this!’ And you do it and you're like, ‘What the fuck?’ You don't understand what's going on, and there's a tire fire in your mouth for the next half hour, and you can't taste anything, and you're twitching on the floor.
Gray Chapman

The Easiest Hangover Cure from One of the World's Best Chefs

According to Fergus Henderson, you just need two ingredients and some ice. It's magic.
Munchies Staff

Meet the Scientist in Charge of Jägermeister’s Secret Recipe

"No, the world will never run out of Jägermeister."
Barbara Woolsey

OG Kush Weed-Infused Last Word

The Last Word is a classic cocktail, reportedly developed during Prohibition, that goes great with the super piney flavor of OG Kush.
Don Lee
Drink Me

Australia's Bush Is Coming to Your Cocktail

It’s a blind taste test and you have to identify coriander, mint, thyme and basil. Easy, right? But what if the lineup included pepperberry, akudjura, wattleseed and boobialla? These unique native botanicals are putting Australian liquor on the top...
Jessica Thompson

Why Fireball Is Suing Jack Daniel's Over Google Drama

Sazerac, the company that owns Fireball, is accusing Brown-Forman, the company that owns Jack Daniel’s, of using Google AdWords to buy keywords that would usually direct Google users toward Fireball but instead pull them toward the Tennessee Fire.
Nick Rose

Crema di Limoncello

You can easily make this at home, but unless you’re at Galatos in Gagliato, drinking the crema di limoncello made with local lemons, it’s not going to taste the same. If you’re in Calabria, make the trip.
Lucia Vitale

This Calabrian Limoncello Tastes Like a Boozy Creamsicle

In the tiny town of Gagliato in southern Italy, I met a local chef who makes crema di limoncello that will stop you in your tracks. The strangest part? She doesn't even drink.
Wyatt Marshall

Chartreuse Is a Monk's Secret Formula to Long Life

Father Michael Holleran—an American monk who oversaw the production of 400-year-old Chartreuse liqueur by the Carthusian Order in France—says that the traditions of alchemy, distilling, and the search for the Holy Grail are all inextricably linked.
Al Sotack
Drink Me

Japanese Julep

A twist on the Southern classic, but this version features Japanese whiskey, plum Soju, and shiso leaves.
Drink Me

How-To: Make The Last Word Cocktail

Chef Lee Tiernan travels to Seattle to meet up with bartender Murray Stenson and learn how to make one of his favorite cocktails, The Last Word—a simple mixture of green chartreuse, gin, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice.
Lee Tiernan