This Distillery Has Been Making Killer Apple Brandy Since Before America Was a Country

And it's in... New Jersey?
Jake Emen

Friends Don't Let Friends Burn Absinthe

Marc Bernhard, a craft absinthe distiller based in Washington, knowns damn well that the green fairy won't make you hallucinate, and he rails against the popular practice in some bars of lighting the sugar cube on fire.
Aaron Kase

The World's Most Expensive Vodka Bottle Has Been Found Outside a Construction Site

Surprise: It's empty.
Mayukh Sen

Fernet-Branca Was Once a ‘Cure’ for Cholera

I was granted a conversation with the Vice President of Fernet-Branca, Niccolò Branca, who offered some rare insight into its composition and surprising history.
Harry Sword

A Gonzo Journey Through Berlin's Absinthe Bars

Berlin has four absinthe bars. I don’t think that’s nearly enough, as there are 3.5 million people in Berlin. I decided to visit them in one night to see if I, in not becoming a degenerate, might encourage the building of more.
Phillip Turo
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Every Cocktail You’ll Need to Survive Thanksgiving

Get drunk but stay classy with these six cocktails from our favorite bartenders and drink experts around the country. Yes, we have a cocktail that pairs perfectly with pie, and something to help you make peace with Great-Aunt Mildred.
Munchies Staff

How a Gin Craze Nearly Destroyed 18th-Century London

By 1730, an estimated 7,000 gin shops were turning Londoners into degenerate alcoholics. Historical accounts of violence, widespread addiction, and social devastation call to mind the early 80s crack epidemic.
Harry Sword

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sneaking Alcohol into Music Festivals

If you've never hidden a bottle of liquor in a hollowed-out loaf of bread or injected grapes with wine, your alcohol-smuggling game just isn't up to par.
Munchies Staff

LA's 'Spirit Guide' Will Lead You Through Your Favorite Poisons

His strategy in making booze approachable to all is simple: Ask what people are tasting instead of telling them what they are supposed to be tasting.
Javier Cabral

Inside the Dusty World of Vintage Spirit Collectors

Like wine, bottled spirits can change with age. Some might spoil, but many others develop complex new flavors and textures, leading a small group of "dusty hunters" to seek out these forgotten bottles.
Wyatt Marshall
san francisco

A Brief Look at Cutty Bangs: San Francisco's Weird, Beloved Liquor Store Tradition

Ever been in a Bay Area liquor store and seen those curated plastic bags full of little airplane bottles of booze? If so, you have met the cutty bang in the wild.
Hilary Pollack

Think Deep Thoughts When You Make Death & Co's Joy Division Cocktail

Like the Ian Curtis's vocals, Death & Co's Joy Division is complex, dry, and highly potent. It's also deceptively simple—just Cointreau, absinthe, dry vermouth, and dry gin.
Munchies Staff