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Inside the Valentine's Day Rush at See's Candy Factory

As you can imagine, a candy factory smells excellent.
Natalie B. Compton
3 days ago
Los Angeles

How 'Tacos for Teachers' Embodies Los Angeles

"People say, ‘We have to worry about immigration! If we don’t, we’ll have a taco truck on every corner.’ For me, and for most Angelenos, well, it’s the dream.”
Lizzy Saxe
Last Call

Last Call: Bella Haig Has Kept Punks, Hippies, and Movie Stars in Line at Canter's Deli for 50 Years

Plus: Haig reveals which Guns n’ Roses member has the most beautiful handwriting!
Eduardo L. Perro
Last Call

Last Call: Dan Tana's Veteran Bartender Can Drink 20 Shots a Night and Has Kept 50 Years of Hollywood Secrets

"My nickname is Dr. Kevorkian Slow Death. I feed [people] alcohol, I feed them cigarettes, I feed them Viagra."
Eduardo L. Perro

LA Councilman Introduces Law Requiring Entertainment Venues to Offer Vegan Food

"Without reducing our beef consumption, it's going to be very difficult for us to reduce climate change," said councilman Paul Koretz
Jelisa Castrodale
food history

This Chef Is Making Civil War-Era Cuisine to Uncover American Food’s Real Roots

"Our history is carnage. A lot of that can be seen in the food. It’s food as carnage.”
Hillary Eaton
MUNCHIES Guide to Hollywood

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic for a Movie Night in a Cemetery

At Hollywood Forever Cemetery's film screenings, the picnic you pack is just as important as the movie you watch.
Munchies Staff
Los Angeles

LA Will Finally Legalize Street Food Vending in 2019

Without legal protection, vendors run the risk of confiscation, jail, and in some cases, deportation.
Lauren Rothman
food trucks

Food Truck Opens in Middle of LA Freeway to Serve Traffic After Fiery Crash

A captive audience of hungry commuters isn't the worst place to set up shop.
Hannah Keyser
Los Angeles

This Pastrami Crunchwrap Gives Jewish Deli Food the Taco Bell Treatment

And it's the drunk food of your dreams.
Hillary Eaton

Sorry, Winos: Beer Just Pairs Better with Food

Why are you still reaching for the riesling when a pilsner is what you really need?
Munchies Staff

How to Order the Best Wine, According to Night+Market's Kris and Sarah Yenbamroong

Pro tips from the Los Angeles-based duo, plus the 16 wines you should be drinking right now.
Kris Yenbamroong
Hilary Pollack