Malaysian Prime Minister Compared to Marie Antoinette for Preferring Quinoa to Rice

Critics say this is further evidence he's unfit to lead the country.
Mayukh Sen

This Iraqi Refugee Family Makes Cambodia’s Best Baba Ghanouj

Muna, her husband, and five sons fled their war torn hometown of Fallujah for Cambodia two years ago. Now in Phnom Penh, the family runs a restaurant recreating traditional Iraqi dishes with a makeshift oven and improvised ingredients.
Nathan A. Thompson

It’s Socially Acceptable to Eat This Carrot Cake for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

There’s a plot twist: It’s not even made with carrots.
Natalie B. Compton
hot dogs

In Malaysia, Hot Dogs Can No Longer Be Called ‘Hot Dogs’

What will hot dogs be called now in Malaysia?
Nick Rose

I Finally Lost My Durian Virginity

I ventured to Malaysia, where people come from all over to indulge in dozens of varieties of this strange, spiky, stinky fruit, from the pale, bitter "Jackie Chan's Wife" to the elusive "Red Prawn."
Isobel Yeung

The Only Way to Survive Penang Is to Eat the Ice

Wandering the streets of Penang isn’t as pleasant as strolling through Paris, because the Malaysian city is hot as the pits of hell. To cool myself down, I decided to investigate its regional icy soup desserts.
Natalie B. Compton

This Malaysian City Is the Food Cart Mecca You've Never Heard Of

In George Town—where Indian, Hokkien Chinese, Hakka, Cantonese, Malay, and everything in between clash in a beautiful culinary supernova—it is hard to find a bad meal.
Brent Crane
Persian food

This Woman’s Living Room Is Kuala Lumpur’s Best Persian Restaurant

After posting online and consulting with friends on the city’s best Persian food, I find myself in the plainly-decorated apartment of Iranian expat Ainaz Reihani.
Lauren Razavi

Researchers Have Developed Cooking Oil That Can Be Used 80 Times

It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and also "enhances crunchiness." Now let's make a huge-ass batch of fried chicken.
Hilary Pollack

Eat These Carnivorous Plants Before They Eat You

Resourceful Malaysians have discovered that pitcher plants are delicious when stuffed with rice. Nevermind that these plants eat insects, rats, and even lizards and birds.
Alex Swerdloff

Despite International Confusion, Church's Chicken Is Not a Church

When one sleuthing Muslim customer of Texas Chicken Malaysia noticed that his dipping sauce was actually a product of Church's Chicken, he believed that he was eating non-halal food. Because, you know, it says "church."
Alex Swerdloff
food safety

Is Fake Rice Actually Circulating Throughout Asia?

There's an earth-shattering rumor circulating throughout Asia: apparently fake rice—made of a mixture of white and sweet potatoes and a core of synthetic resin—is being sold as real rice that could kill you. Is it actually true?
Alex Swerdloff