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'Spaghetti Meat' Is What Happens When You Breed Faster-Growing Chickens

The term refers to squishy chicken breasts that pull apart like noodles.
Bettina Makalintal

New Animal Slaughter Rules in Belgium Pit Activists Against Religious Communities

The end to a religious exemption may curtail the production of halal and kosher meats in the region of Flanders.
Bettina Makalintal

Why Brexit Has Made Bacon More Expensive in the UK

According to purchasing company Beacon, a weaker sterling and an increase in pork demand from China mean that the price of a pound of bacon has increased by as much as 19 percent compared to last year.
Daisy Meager

China Is Building a Giant Animal-Cloning Factory to Feed the Masses

While the rest of the world sorts out its feelings about the safety and ethics of cloning animals for food production, China is charging ahead and building the world’s largest animal cloning factory, set to begin operations in 2016.
Alex Swerdloff

This Is the Robotic Chicken Butcher of Our Nightmares

Meet the Gribbot. This automated meat machine might soon be given the precious task of using its carefully calibrated pincers to rip the breast meat from chicken carcasses, phasing out skilled workers at the same time.
Munchies Staff
FDA drama

A Guide to Gnarly Beef That Can Kill You

This past weekend, the nation was put on an emergency meat alert when 9 million pounds of beef were recalled after the USDA declared them "unsound, unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food." I've compiled a guide of meats to fear...
Josh Ozersky