Honeydew Melon and Fennel Salad Recipe

Bite-size chunks of melon and toasted pistachios make for the perfect summery salad.
Ben Mims
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20 Desserts That Make the Most of Fresh Fruit

Fruit out of a can should only be a last resort.
Munchies Staff

Melon and Midori Wine Spritzer

Let this bright green take on a white wine spritzer transport you to a time when your aunts wore floral denim shorts and talked about one day buying a beach house over bottles of Bartles & Jaymes.
Josh Rosenstein

We Spoke to a Guy from the Restaurant That Serves Poo-Flavoured Curry

Japanese porno god Ken Shimizu’s Curry Shop Shimizu restaurant serves nothing but shit-flavoured curry. We called one of his disciples to find out why and how—but mostly just: what the fuck was he thinking?
David Whelan

This Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken Is Even Worse Than That Pea Guacamole

A Korean restaurant is putting melon- and banana-flavored powder all over its multicolored fried chicken and it must be stopped immediately. This is unacceptable.
Hilary Pollack

How to Drink Like Your Grandparents and Enjoy It

Yes, all grandmas are different, and some don't even drink. But these cocktails—Pimm's Cups and wine spritzers—are for old people, or at least the old at heart.
Munchies Staff

Japan’s Favorite Snack Food Is Taking Homoeroticism Out of the Closet

For years, the Japanese equivalent of the “spaghetti kiss” popularized by <i>Lady and the Tramp</i> has been the Pocky kiss. And recently the Internet is filling up with boys using Pocky to work out their homoerotic longings for each other.
Alex Swerdloff

Hannibal's Food Stylist Is More Worried About Oysters Than Cannibalism

Lobsters in cantaloupes and foie gras gussied up with ostrich feathers are commonplace on the <em>Hannibal</em> dinner table. But it takes a keen artistic sensibility—and sometimes a pile of mashed potatoes—to make that food camera-ready.
David Whelan