How Internet Trolls Took Down a Meme-Themed Restaurant

Catriona Crehan and her teenage brother closed the Kickstarter campaign after just 72 hours.
Mayukh Sen
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Unwind with Some Pictures of Puppies that Look Like Fried Chicken

What she does is post pictures of various animals—dogs, shrews, chicks, and more—and their food soulmates. Or at least the foods they most resemble.
Alex Swerdloff

Some Genius Made a Recipe for Edible Tide Pods

Seriously, don’t eat Tide Pods—but you can make these 'Hypothetical Edible Tide Pods' instead.
Mayukh Sen

This Is Why Britain Loves Nando's So Much

Out of the 1,094 Nando’s in the world, a third are in the UK and British icons as disparate as Prince Harry and David Haye are fans. But how did a mediocre fried chicken chain make such a dent on British food?
Nell Frizzell
Ice Cream

This Ice Cream Ad Is Urging People Not to Send Dick Pics

A new ad campaign from Australian Streets Ice Cream is trying to make inroads with Millennial consumers by making references to sexting and internet memes.
Nick Rose

Experts Say Instagram Could Be Turning Women Into Binge Drinkers

Alcohol researchers in Australia have warned that all those cute “It’s wine o’clock!” Instagram memes your mum shares could be encouraging women to consume unhealthy levels of alcohol.
Phoebe Hurst
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A Woman Is Trying to End the Cinnamon Challenge After Her Son’s Death

Kentucky mother Brianna Radar wants to raise awareness about the dangers of the masochistic YouTube trend after cinnamon-related asphyxia killed her son.
Munchies Staff