Men Are Embarrassed to Order Vegetarian Food, British Study Finds

"Cultural expectations run deep, and we often view men as the butchers and the barbecuers."
Lauren Rothman
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Sober Bartender Always Helps Me Remember You Being an Asshole

Alcohol gives some male customers the courage to say the nastiest things.

This Study Says Women's Brains Aren’t Wired to Lose Weight

A new study from the University of Aberdeen claims that the hormones regulating appetite and energy expenditure work differently between the sexes, making it more difficult for women to lose weight.
Phoebe Hurst

A Spit Test Could Help to Reveal Why Men Think Meat Is Macho

University of Hawaii researcher Atilla Pohlmann and others argue that the gender-food link, where men eat meat and women eat vegetables, can cause problems for men when configuring their diets.
Wyatt Marshall

Why Men Stuff Their Faces to Impress Women

A study out of Cornell University has found that men tend to load up their plate a hell of a lot more at the buffet when they're eating with a lady-friend.
Wyatt Marshall

Apparently Men’s Brains Are Hardwired to Choose Sex Over Food

Studying the brain cells of nematode worms, researchers from University College London concluded that neurons in male brains may be programmed to prioritise sex over the desire to eat food.
Phoebe Hurst

Tomatoes Can Prevent Men From Having To Pee In The Middle of The Night

A compound found in tomatoes could be the secret to ending your middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.
Wyatt Marshall

Advertisers Still Don’t Get That Not All Women Love Chocolate

Stereotypes around women and chocolate melt together stickily. I, for one, am obsessed with the stuff. I eat giant bars of Dairy Milk standing outside my flat, too impatient to get inside. But are women really hard-wired to crave Toblerones?
Frankie Mullin

Drinking Rosé Isn’t Just for Girls Anymore, Bro

More and more men are feeling comfortable drinking the pink stuff. It's official: The era of brosé has arrived.
Munchies Staff

Why You Got Cut Off at the Bar and Your Friend Didn't

A new study has found that despite your overwhelming likelihood of being overserved to the point of total idiocy, you're more likely to be cut off if you're a dude.
Munchies Staff

Japanese Valentine's Day Will Be an Orgy of Chocolate Ramen and Woman-Hating

Get in the V-Day spirit and familiarize yourself with Japan's friendly lineup of truffle-shopping frenzies, chocolate-veal ramen, and woman-hating demonstrations for tomorrow.
Munchies Staff
the internet

Beware of Flaming Vodka Shots If You’re Hairy-Chested

The internet has many what-not-to-do videos of frat boys lighting their heads, hair, etc. on fire after trying to do flaming shots, but this particular example takes the cake.
Hilary Pollack