competitive eating

Fart Problems Lead World Pie-Eating Championship to Switch Pie Fillings

“We’re steering things away from red meat this year for health considerations and also to avoid the methane issue.”
Jelisa Castrodale

Scientists Are Developing Grass That Stop Cows from Burping

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark are inventing a grass that is easier for cows to digest, meaning less methane is released into the environment.
Daisy Meager

Reindeer Ice Cream and Horse Milk Are The Dairy Products of Our Future

I spoke to Dr. Young W. Park, an expert on non-bovine dairy, about how horse milk compares to a cow's and why bear cheese isn't a thing.
Clarissa Wei
Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Warns That Your Favorite Ice Cream Could Soon Be Extinct

Ben and Jerry have a cemetery dedicated to their discontinued flavors and—if we don’t clean up our act—climate change could add another two dozen headstones.
Jelisa Castrodale

Cattle Farmers Are Fighting Climate Change With Fart-Collecting Backpacks for Cows

Some Argentine cattle farmers have outfitted their cows with backpacks that act as containers—for cow farts.
Alex Swerdloff

Scientists Want to Fight Cow Burps and Farts with Oregano

With demand for milk, steaks, and burgers not diminishing any time in the foreseeable future, scientists are scrambling to find a way to cut down on cattle gas, and help may be on the way in the unlikely form of oregano.
Nick Rose
beef consumption

Would a Tax on Beef Really Help the Environment (and Our Health)?

We spoke to Oxford researcher Dr. Adam Briggs about the implications of a "beef tax" for consumers.
Nick Rose

An Anti-Burping Drug for Cows Might Save the Planet 

You probably know by now that gassy cows expel a huge amount of methane into our atmosphere, leading to global warming. But a new feed additive out of the Netherlands might change all that. Enter "Project Clean Cow."
Munchies Staff
climate change

Organic Kale Smoothies Are Killing the Planet, Too

Are you happily sucking down your organic smoothies, content with the knowledge that you are helping both the Earth and your body? Bad news, friend: It turns out that organic farms may be producing more greenhouse gases than their conventional cousins.
Jesse Hirsch

How to Fish on an Exploding Lake

Straddling the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Kivu is full of small sardines prized by local fishermen. It's also loaded with dissolved carbon dioxide and methane, which have the potential to explode.
Monique Jaques
food trends

A Prehistoric Poo Made Me Think About the Paleo Diet

A recently discovered fossilized turd suggests that early humans ate their veggies with their meat. Perhaps the paleo crowd had it right all along, but should we really follow early man's example, considering the neanderthals went extinct?
Matthew Zuras

Farting Cows Blew Up a Shed with Their Gas

Human meat-consumption demands are so high that methane from cow farts is destroying the atmosphere and setting barns ablaze. Cow flatulence is more detrimental than cars or carbon dioxide. One scientist thinks vegetarianism is the only way to reduce...
Lauren Rothman