If You Find Doughnuts and 900 Pounds of Bacon in the Woods of Michigan, Don't Touch It

There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.
Jelisa Castrodale
Ice Cream

'Red Indian' Ice Cream Flavor Is Not Being Well-Received in 2018

An ice cream parlor in Michigan has been selling cinnamon ice cream under this name for 50 years. But critics now claim the name is racist.
Mayukh Sen

Where to Eat in Detroit's Outer Neighborhoods

Detroit's food scene is one of the country's finest—and it owes its identity to immigrant- and black-owned restaurants.
Tom Perkins
Fast Food

Michigan Family Says They Are Traumatized After Allegedly Seeing Porn at Burger King

"I look up at the TV and this guy was fondling this woman's breast. The man was thrusting on a woman."
Jelisa Castrodale

Detroit Pizza Is the Best Pie You've Never Had

And no, we're not talking about Little Caesar's.
Tom Perkins

Local Hops Are the Key to Michigan's Brewing Comeback

Michigan is now one of the top ten hop-growing regions in the world.
Kenny Gould

Restaurant Claims That ICE Agents Ate Breakfast and Then Arrested Three Kitchen Staff

"It scares the whole community."
Nick Rose

Marxist Vegan Restaurant in Michigan Closes for Predictably Marxist Reasons

Unfortunately for Grand Rapids' Garden Diner & Café, refusing to be a traditional business proved to not be very good for, uh, business.
Charley Lanyon

Muslim Ice Cream Truck Drivers Claim They're Being Targeted by Racist Police in Michigan

A pair of ice cream truck drivers in Hamtramck, Michigan charge that police treated them "like dogs" after they were falsely arrested and detained for two days without being given anything to eat or drink.
Tom Perkins

The Detroit Coney Island Rivalry Has Nothing to do with Taste

In a city that’s still trying to shed its image as the symbol of American economic plight, a $2.50 chili dog is the food of the people, and its Mecca is on an otherwise desolate area block.
Brad Cohen
food sanitation

Waitress' Mom Outs Restaurant For Re-Serving Other People's Food

A former employee has accused the restaurant of instructing its servers to move seemingly unchewed chips and salsa from one customer’s plate onto another’s.
Jelisa Castrodale

Man Tries to Pull Off Bottle Recycling Scam from 'Seinfeld' Episode

Kramer and Newman never actually pulled off the Michigan bottle deposit scheme in the episode from way back when. Whether Everidge actually intended to pull off the deed in the state of Michigan is a question that will be answered in a court of law.
Alex Swerdloff