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How an Afghan Refugee Is Changing Venice's Restaurant Landscape

Hamed Ahmadi now has five restaurants in northeastern Italy's Veneto region and has helped employ many young refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
Marco De Vidi

Delivering Bread in Cairo Is a Balance of Life and Death

The handmade bread known as aish baladi is Egyptian staple. In Cairo, its ubiquity is made possible by the network of agalati—bread carriers—who risk their safety to deliver bread to restaurants, ful carts, and street stands.
Lorena Rios

What Yemen Can Teach America About Hospitality

In Yemen, I was welcomed to share meals and take tea with total strangers. But America is different: We do not welcome strangers as honored guests. We barely welcome them at all.
Betsy Andrews

This Iraqi Refugee Family Makes Cambodia’s Best Baba Ghanouj

Muna, her husband, and five sons fled their war torn hometown of Fallujah for Cambodia two years ago. Now in Phnom Penh, the family runs a restaurant recreating traditional Iraqi dishes with a makeshift oven and improvised ingredients.
Nathan A. Thompson

This Airline's Half-Billion Dollar Wine Cellar Includes Some of the World's Best Wines

The carrier stores its collection of more than 3.75 million bottles of wine—some which will not be served on flights until 2025—in Burgundy, France.
Jelisa Castrodale

How We Went from Running Nightclubs to a Jerusalem-Inspired Restaurant

“Although the relationship in a nightclub is different to a restaurant, you’re still working to create a mood.”
Daisy Meager

Making Wine, Not War, in Lebanon

"We bring grape samples by taxi from Syria to decide when to harvest there," says Karim Saadé, a winemaker based in Lebanon who sources grapes from across the border. "We’ve adapted to the situation."
Amy E. Robertson
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These Sisters Turned Their Grandmother’s House into an Arabic Cookery School

The Beit Sitti or “Grandmother’s house” initiative in Jordan sees local women teach traditional cooking classes to tourists and locals, boosting self-esteem and providing them with an income to support their families.
Zab Mustefa

An Entire 21-Ton Airdrop of Food for a Besieged Syrian Town Has Been Lost

The pallets contained lentils, vegetable oil, rice, and salt, and could have fed 2,500 people for a month (there are currently 200,000 people living in Deir al-Zour).
Wyatt Marshall

The Falafel-Makers of the Zaatari Refugee Camp

In the second-largest refugee camp in the world, Syrians are making do by cooking falafel and ful while they wait to return home.
Lucie de la Héronnière

The Starving Syrian Town of Madaya Is Finally Getting Food Aid

Madaya, 25 kilometers northwest of Damascus and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border, has been besieged by Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah since July. Cut off from access to food, some residents in...
Wyatt Marshall

Syria Is Taxing Its Shawarma In Efforts to Save Its Economy

Some of Syria's other new taxes and fees include higher property taxes and doubling the bill for landlines. But perhaps none feels so low as having to fork over more cash for succulent street meat.
Wyatt Marshall