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A Lot of People Are Creeped Out by Walmart's Ad for 'Funeral Potatoes'

If you're not from Utah or the Midwest, you might not be familiar with the cheesy potato dish you eat when someone dies.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Started Milwaukee's Epic Bloody Mary Garnish Wars

It all started with a few pickles, and the next thing I knew, I was putting entire fried chickens in my Bloody Marys. A full-out garnish war in Milwaukee has ensued.
Dave Sobelman

Fried Cheese Curds

They're like little mini mozzarella sticks.
Alex Burris

Cincinnati Chili Is a Glorious Mess of Meat, Spaghetti, and Cheese

Critics have called it the worst regional dish in America, but for those who grew up with it, nothing tastes quite as good.
Tom Perkins

This Cheeseburger-Garnished Bloody Mary is a Work Of Art

The man who started Milwaukee's epic Bloody Mary garnish wars has gone as far as adding whole fried chickens on top of his Bloodys.
Munchies Staff

5 Million Chickens Are About to Be Killed to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu

An additional 27,000 turkeys in Buena Vista Country, about an hour and a half away, were euthanized last week after the same virus was discovered in their flock. Although the culls may seem extreme, the virus is so deadly to birds that it can eradicate...
Hilary Pollack

Chicago's Fish Shacks Are Going Up in Smoke

Before Middle Americans started chowing down on “bacon-paloozas” and “quadruple-patty” monstrosities, they lived on fish caught and smoked by local riverside shacks. Today, Chicago's Calumet Fisheries is one of the very last left standing.
Brian Lauvray
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How to Eat in Chicago

Ever notice how huge The typical Chicago middle-aged human is? It’s because there are about 8 million restaurants per square inch.
VICE Staff

Givin' Up Food for Funk

I've spent a lot of time over the past four years traveling throughout America's Southern and Midwestern states searching for seemingly insignificant pieces of funk vinyl and I've learned this much: if you go to a city and take the time...