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I Can't Stop Watching This Guy Eat Decades-Old Army Rations

Judging from the comments of Steve’s many viewers—that hardtack video alone has been watched more than 610,000 times—everyone gets something different from his performances.
Charley Lanyon

This Former Military Cook Uses Medical Marijuana to Help War Vets Fight PTSD

We hung out with veteran, chef, and marijuana advocate Cody Lindsay to find out how medical marijuana can be part of a healthy diet.
Nick Rose
Gluten Free

Ted Cruz Says Gluten-Free Food Is Too PC for the Military

Ted Cruz has had enough of the PC bullshit he believes pervades American culture. And somehow, he equates political correctness with providing gluten-free meals to the military.
Alex Swerdloff
Mr es

The US Military Has Created Pizza That Stays Edible for Three Years

Reheated pizzas are hardly fine dining, but for men and women in the armed forces, it’s a big deal.
Nick Rose
Mr es

The Army Will Pay You to Eat Nothing but MREs for 3 Weeks

The study will provide researchers the chance to try out new MRE recipes in hopes of making mealtime less monotonous, like “Bunker Hill Burritos,” “Fort Bliss-ful Pudding Cake,” and the “Canteen Irish Cream Latte.”
Wyatt Marshall

The Norwegian Government Is Sorry for Making Fighter Jet-Shaped Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like spicy gingerbread cookies in the shape of stealth jet fighters designed to kill people.
Nick Rose

Why One Israeli Soldier Paid the Price for Going 'Whole Hog'

One soldier who recently moved to Israel to volunteer for military service in the IDF’s commander training course was shocked to find himself threatened with jail after returning with tasty items from his sweet grandmother.
Alex Swerdloff

What Happens During an Airdrop?

Unless you've been entirely disengaged from the news over the last few days, you'll have read about the desperate situation in Iraq. Basic aid is being given—via airdrops—to thousands of Iraqis in Mount Sinjar who are hiding in the mountains from...
Eleanor Morgan

The Army Is Eating Pizzas That Don’t Age for Three Years

The team of food scientists working in the “combat feeding” program at the US Army’s Natick Soldier Systems Center has created its starchy, saucy, cheesy pièce de résistance: pizza that can survive pretty much anything.
Lauren Rothman