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Well, This Sucks: Monsanto's Weed Killer Found in Cheerios, Lucky Charms

A report from the Environmental Working Group shows that several products from big-name cereal brands contain surprising levels of Roundup.
Danielle Wayda

Woman Caught Trying to Sell $22,000 of Stolen Broccoli Seeds on Facebook

Not the smartest get-rich-quick scheme.
Dave Minsky

Chinese Man Will Be Jailed for 3 Years for Stealing US "Corn Secrets"

This past Wednesday, American citizen Mo Hailong was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in stealing corn seeds and sending them back to his homeland of China.
Wyatt Marshall
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Why GMOs Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All

With little scientific data supporiting the claim that GMOs can cause adverse health effects, an increasing number of pro-GMO activists are speaking up to defend the potential benefits of allergy-free peanuts and other modified foods.
Lauren Rothman
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Monsanto Was Just Bought by One of the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies

If the merger of Bayer and Monsato is approved, the megacorporation would control more than a quarter of the world’s seeds and pesticides.
Wyatt Marshall
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The New Laws on Labeling GMOs Please Pretty Much No One

The fight over whether food makers should label their products that contain GMOs has been raging for years, and with this new legislation, nobody's happy.
Charley Lanyon

Consumers Are Underestimating Just How Dependent We Are on Pesticides

A new report released by the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) found some pretty jarringly contradictory attitudes when it comes the use of pesticides.
Nick Rose

Germany's Most Popular Beers All Contain Weed Killer

Researchers from the Munich lab tested the country’s 14 most popular brews and found that all of them contained trace amounts of glyphosate, a Monsanto herbicide.
Nick Rose
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Monsanto Is at the Center of a Huge Zika Conspiracy Theory

According to a recent report making the rounds, the endemic level of microcephaly in newborns could be caused by the chemical larvicide Pyroproxyfen which is used to protect Brazilian crops from pests.
Nick Rose

A Chinese Spy Stole Millions in Corn Seeds from Monsanto

Mo Hailong, has confessed to his role as the ringleader of a group that stole proprietary corn seeds from agro-giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto
Alex Swerdloff
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The EU Remains at Odds with Its Members Over the Safety of GM Food

The great GMO debate rages on as the EU shuts down draft legislature that would allow individual European nations to ban the use of GM food or animal feed.
Munchies Staff

A Harvard Professor Says "Starving Africa" Cliches Are Being Used to Promote GM Foods

Sheila Jasanoff, a professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government recently argued that clichés of a “Starving Africa” are being used to push genetically modified foods as a cure for malnutrition.
Wyatt Marshall