Serial Killer Who Apparently Makes Pretty Good Sponge Cake Wins Prison Bake-Off

Being good at murdering does not necessarily make one bad at baking.
Jelisa Castrodale

Woman Allegedly Poisoned Lookalike with Cheesecake to Steal Her Identity

Viktoria Nasyrova faces charges of attempted murder, assault, and burglary—but her troubles began long before the cheesecake.
Mayukh Sen

How Cops Use Pizza Crusts and Half-Eaten Burgers to Solve Murder Mysteries

The Savopolous murders—a grisly quadruple homicide in Washington, DC—piqued the public’s darkest fascination for a variety of reasons: the wealth of the family, the alleged torture of a ten-year-old-boy, and the case's dependence on a piece of Domino’s...
Gigen Mammoser
New Orleans

These New Orleans Cops Are More Interested in Doughnuts Than Fighting Crime

More than four years ago, three detectives in the New Orleans Police Department decided to hang up fighting crime to open a doughnut shop. There was only one problem: no one actually knew how to make doughnuts.
Phil McCausland

Did JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Kill Her Over a Piece of Pineapple?

Just when we all thought this 20-year-old murder mystery had no chance of being solved, along comes a half-digested piece of pineapple.
Hilary Pollack

A Brooklyn Murder Mystery Surrounds a Stolen Pizza Sauce Recipe

Louis Barbati, the 61-year-old fourth-generation owner of the beloved Bensonhurst pizzeria L&B Spumoni Gardens, was shot five times in his backyard on June 30 while his wife and two sons were inside his home.
Wyatt Marshall
Restaurant Confessionals

Murderers Are the Best Restaurant Workers

From the beginning of my stints working front-of-house in restaurants, I always enjoyed dealing with different types of personalities.
Chris Grosso
sustainable agriculture

A Sustainable Farm Rises from the Ashes of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

In 1914, Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress was murdered, and the home he built for her was burnt to the ground. A century later, a team of farmers is trying to restore a sustainable farm on the property.
Sarah Freeman

How a Lemon Phobia Lead to Murder

If life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue. But for one unfortunate soul, one piece of the fresh citrus cost him his life.
Nick Rose

I Drank Old Fashioneds Where Jeffrey Dahmer Killed His First Victim in Milwaukee

In the fall of 1987, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered a man in his room at the Ambassador Hotel, a local landmark where you can still get a mean cocktail.
Nick Woods

A Brief History of Women Putting Poison in Their Lovers' Food

For many reasons—money, jealousy, or even a way out of an abusive relationship—poison has remained an effective weapon for women throughout history.
Lakeisha Goedluck

A Man in India Was Beaten to Death Over Rumors He Ate Beef

A Muslim man in the northern Indian city of Dadri in Uttar Pradesh was beaten to death by a mob on Monday over rumors that he had butchered a cow and that his family was storing beef.
Wyatt Marshall