Hundreds of Food Combinations That Could Potentially Kill You, According to This Chart

In Myanmar, a common poster details a million ways to die (or hate life). An ice cream + cucumber = chest congestion. Pumpkin + prawns = dysentery. Rabbit meat + mushrooms = death.
Nick Baker

The Best Food in Yangon Is Cooked by Street Kids

An initiative in the Burmese capital trains street children and marginalized youth to become confident chefs.
Didem Tali

How Two Sisters Use Food to Celebrate Myanmar’s Most Misunderstood Minority

The semi-autonomous Wa State, located on Myanmar’s eastern border with China, is often dismissed as a haven for drug trafficking. But Yangon’s Root Kitchen & Bar wants to give visitors a taste of true Wa culture.
Diana Hubbell

Meet the Team Revolutionizing Yangon's Culinary Scene

The minds behind Pun + Projects emphasize quality ingredients and attempt to keep pace with global restaurant trends. Oh, and don't ask them to pay bribes.
Diana Hubbell

Meet the Ex-Nightclub Owner Who Went from Cleaning Floors at Wendy’s to Curing His Own Prosciutto in Yangon

When Sharky's founder Ye Htut Win couldn’t find the ingredients he wanted, he decided to become a farmer, a baker, a cheesemaker, and a butcher.
Diana Hubbell

Climb a Palm Tree If You Want to Get Drunk in Myanmar

Toddy is the drink of choice for the Burmese farmer, made from the sap of palm trees. I went to the Burmese boonies to see how the sweet spirit is made and down a few rounds in toddy bars with the locals.
Brent Crane

There’s Forced Labor in the US Seafood Industry, Too

Over the last couple of years, the threadbare curtain that shields the inner workings of the seafood industry has been pulled aside bit by bit. And what’s behind isn’t pretty.
Wyatt Marshall

Inside Burma’s First Kentucky Fried Chicken

Before decades of isolation and sanctions, Burma had no predilection for—let alone access to—Western fast food. Today, however, foreign brands like KFC are sweeping the market.
Sabrina Toppa

Myanmar Is Powered by Peanuts

Myanmar might not be the cultural home to the peanut butter sandwich, the peanut is still king here. After all, this is a place where you can get a chicken curry drowned in oil and salads showered in Elvis's favorite legume.
Sasha Gora
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The Most Stunning Dining Destinations We Visited This Year

In order to eat the world, we have to travel to its farthest reaches, discovering some stunning destinations along the way.
Munchies Staff

Burmese Opium Farmers Make the Best Rice Wine

U Mint Aung, village chief of a tiny community in the opium fields of Eastern Myanmar brings out a clay pot brimming with multi-coloured grains. The thing looks like a trendy smoothie. But it’s home-brewed rice wine.
Nathan A. Thompson

Yangon’s ‘Pork on Stick’ Is More Than Just Pork on a Stick

Wet Thar Dote Htoe, literally translated as “pork on stick” is engrained in Myanmar street food culture, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills (and high quality offal) of one family.
Adam Ramsey