Black and Blue Nachos Recipe

Perfect for those nights when you can't decide between steak and potatoes or nachos for dinner.
Max Taylor

Jackfruit Nachos

Jackfruit is a surprisingly awesome substitute for pulled pork.
Lucy Lightowlers
Henry Morris
Ryan McCann
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25 Recipes to Prepare For (or Recover From) a Long Night of Drinking

Don't set yourself up for failure.
Munchies Staff

16 Recipes to Up Your Pizza Game

From grandma style to bagel bites, here are the best recipes for everything that tastes like pizza, even if it doesn’t look like it.
Munchies Staff

An El Paso Dive Bar Is Serving Some of the Best Nachos in America

Not all locals agree about the future of Texas's biggest border city, but they do see eye to eye on one thing: The Tap's perfect nachos.
Eduardo Cepeda
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18 of the Best Super Bowl Foods (Even If You’re Only Watching the Half-Time Show)

Everybody's a winner with nachos.
Munchies Staff

RIP Frank Liberto, the Godfather of Concession Stand Nachos

Top your tortilla chips with an extra pump of molten cheese in remembrance of this man.
Mayukh Sen
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These Potato Skin Nachos Belong in the Drunk Food Hall of Fame

Nostalgia never tasted so good.
Munchies Staff
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This Fried Chicken Sandwich Is Secretly Made Out of Nachos

Tortilla chips? Check. Chili powder? Check. And a garlicky white sauce and brioche bun? This crispy, juicy, spicy sandwich is full of surprises.
Munchies Staff

Potato Skin Nachos

Don't throw away those potato skins! Deep fry them, then sprinkle them with cheese and sour cream and chives for baked potato-style nachos.
Farideh Sadeghin
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Make Pizza Nachos, the Snack That's the Best of All Worlds

The great thing about this recipe is that it's super customizable. We like to start with a homemade marinara sauce, and Italian sausage and little pepperoni slices cooked in bacon fat, but if you've gotta go semi-homemade and use what you have on hand...
Munchies Staff
Fast Food

Taco Bell Hopes to Use Nacho Cheese Sauce to Conquer China

“While preparing for the launch in China, we spent a lot of time learning the local culture and food customs to help us customize the menu to meet local tastes while still staying true to our core,” Shivram Vaideeswaran, the Global Marketing and...
Wyatt Marshall