NASA Surprised a Homesick Italian Astronaut with a Pizza Party

Watch pizzas float like tiny UFOs through the International Space Station.
Djanlissa Pringels
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Pizza and Ice Cream Are Headed for the International Space Station

Sounds a lot better than your average space food.
Nick Rose
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Everyone Thinks These Photos of Saturn's Moon Look Like Ravioli

New photos of one of Saturn's moons demonstrate that stuffed pasta can evoke as much awe as the infinite cosmos that surrounds us.
Nick Rose
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NASA Is Making ‘Sustainable’ Space Food for Deep Space Travel

How do you feed astronauts who are going to be propelled 40,000 miles beyond the moon?
Nick Rose
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Inside the Rise, Fall, and Stoner Rebirth of Pillsbury's 70s Space Food

The future of food looked very different back in the 70s than it does now.
Nick Rose
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What If We Had All Listened to NASA and Started Eating Krill?

We spoke to a bunch of marine researchers about what it would have been like if we actually started eating tons of krill like a NASA report once suggested.
Alex Swerdloff

NASA Wants Kids to Help It Design Food for Astronauts

As part of its Future Engineers program, NASA is challenging grade-school children to create a digital 3D model of a non-edible, food-related item that will help astronauts eat in space.
Alex Swerdloff

NASA's New Cups Will Change the Way Astronauts Drink in Space

Astronauts typically drink through straws, from bags filled with everything from water to coffee to cocoa. But a new cup developed by NASA dubbed the “Capillary Beverage Experiment” makes use of the “combined effects of surface tension, wetting, and...
Wyatt Marshall

This Fun-Loving Comet Is Spraying Tons of Booze Into Space

NASA says that Comet Lovejoy "really lives up to its name" by emitting the equivalent of 500 bottles of wine a second. Oh yeah, and it might unlock the secrets of the origins of life!
Hilary Pollack

Astronauts Are About to Eat the First Vegetables Grown in Space

Today, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will sample the first vegetable ever to have been grown in space: red romaine lettuce.
Phoebe Hurst
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I Had Cancer and Now I'm Addicted to Japanese Food

During high school, I was diagnosed with cancer just a few months after returning from a trip to Japan. Soon, I found that the only thing that gave me solace from the constant surgeries and chemotherapy was the comfort of Japanese food.
Jackson Connor

Some California Rice Farmers Would Rather Sell Water Than Plant Crops

According to NASA scientists, California has about one year’s worth of water left. One of Southern California’s largest water districts is trying to get ahead of things by offering to buy groundwater from rice farmers for more than they might make from...
Danny Lewis