A Brief History of Drunken British Sailors

Until July 31, 1970, bracingly strong overproof rum was a vital part of the fabric of the British Navy—rationed, used as a currency, and a veritable way of life.
Harry Sword

Scientists Have Found a Way to Stream Wireless Data Through Beef and Pork

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois has developed a new transmission technique called "meat-comms."
Nick Rose

How to Cook Aboard a Swedish Navy Warship

If you think cooking on a warship is no different than cooking on land, just wait until the knives start flying on the rocky seas. One Swedish navy cook shares his experiences on prepping meals aboard the HMS Sundsvall.
Theo Hagman Rogowski
food politics

The Navy Wants Its Fried Food Back and Is Blaming Michelle Obama

On Navy Times’ Facebook page, Matt Phillips wrote, “Welcome to the Tofu Navy.” Jeff King was even more eloquent: “Pussies. This isn’t a Weight Watchers cruise. It’s the goddann [sic] Navy!”
Alex Swerdloff
New York

Watch Gail Simmons of 'Top Chef' Eat and Drink NYC's Best in Chef's Night Out

Gail Simmons of Bravo's Top Chef and Food & Wine takes us out to some of her favorite NYC spots for mussel toast, Vietnamese shrimp, and a 30-shot whiskey pour.
Gail Simmons
Indonesian food

The Best Indonesian Food Is Found Aboard a Dutch Navy Ship

The Dutch navy is an unlikely source of culinary inspiration, but it was here that Toronto chef Michael van den Winkel learned to cook an Indonesian feast while serving his home country.
Karon Liu