Fighting Gentrification with Blood Sausage in Toronto's 'Little Tibet'

“This is my neighborhood. When I first came to Canada, I lived in this neighborhood, so this is my neighborhood.”
Nick Rose

Tibetan Refugees Are the Masterminds Behind Delhi’s Favorite Dumplings

When Tibetans fled their homeland and settled in India, they brought their momos—thin-skinned dumplings stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese—along with them.
Natalie B. Compton
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Want to Eat a Noma-Level Meal on Mount Everest? Now You Can

Unlike most dining experience, the Base Camp leg of this culinary tour will last a whopping 14 days. In addition to an insane travel experience, the trek promises to offer a glimpse into the psyche of a presumably obsessive and adventurous chef.
Nick Rose
Craft Beer

Nepal's Craft Beer Movement Is Rising in the Aftermath of Earthquakes

After last year's devastating earthquake hit Nepal, an unexpected craft beer scene began emerging across the country. I headed to Katmandu to explore what's going on in the beer scene and trek through the Himalayas, and what I discovered was...
Steve Hindy

Making Dumplings for Strangers Is My Way of Helping My Family in Nepal

Our house in Kathmandu has been destroyed and the temples that were part of my identity are gone. Stuck in London, I wanted to give something back to the country that inspires my cooking.
Rajiv KC

An Indian Politician Blames Beef for the Nepal Earthquake

A politician from India's ruling party blamed the recent earthquake in Nepal on a member of a rival party eating beef.
Munchies Staff

Migrant Workers Are Bringing a Taste of Home to Beirut

Lebanon’s migrant workers have limited freedoms, make little money, and endure systemic racism. But one Sri Lankan domestic worker is rising above that by training with Lebanese chefs and showcasing her homemade cuisine at an upscale restaurant.
Anna Lekas Miller